Pulsar Inline Perc Glass Donut Dab Rig 8.75″



  • 8.75” high
  • Eye-catching worked glass appearance
  • Crafted from durable boro glass
  • Inline perc for smooth, cool hits
  • Round stable base for steady, hands-free rips
  • Designed for less splashback and cool rips
  • 14mm female joint
  • 14mm male quartz banger included
  • Colors may vary

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Fun and colorful in design, this donut oil rig keeps your rips smooth, cool, and splashback free. This is a rig that has your comfort and experience carefully thought out in the design. The wide base keeps it steady and the bent neck keeps you in a relaxed position as you rip from the flared mouthpiece.

If you want a dab rig that looks beautiful, comfortable to use, and highly functional, you should get this piece now.


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Weight11.1 lbs

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