Pulsar RoK Accessories for Fun Dabbing

March 30, 2020 Dab Rigs

Pulsar RoK Accessories for Fun Dabbing

Pulsar RoK is one of the most fun and innovative eRrigs, especially when you accessorize. Here are some the best Pulsar Rok Accessories that will help enhance your experience

Pulsar RoK Cyclone Downstem

You can customize the Pulsar Rok in many ways, and that includes changing the downstream. Pulsar made a cyclone downstem made of durable borosilicate glass. The angled slits at the bottom create swirls of bubbles within the RoK water chamber. The result is ultra-clean, smooth hits that will make you appreciate your rig even more. The cyclone downstem comes in a variety of colors that will suit your style.

Note: Suitable only for a regular glass base.

Non-Slip Dab Station

The Non-Slip Dab Station keeps everything organized and safe either for storing or using your Pulsar RoK.

Do you always look around for your tools? Are you the type of person who frequently knocks things over when you use a tray? Then the Pulsar Non-Slip Dab Station for the RoK is the perfect accessory.

It’s a 3D printed hard plastic organizing station that comes with non-slip tabs to keep the statin in place. It’s a custom-made dock for the RöK, so every single part fits perfectly. You can use ti to hold your carb cap, dab tool, cleaning implements, and concentrate container.

This Pulsar electric dab accessory is highly resistant and comes in a variety of color options. Make sure you get only the authentic station to ensure that the glass base fits snugly.

Note: Applicable only for a large beaker base.

Pulsar RoK Replacement Coil

Pulsar Rok coils need TLC and may need replacement over time due to various reasons. Having a replacement coil will help you keep enjoying your eRig in case one is broken, or currently undergoing some needed intense cleaning.

The replacement coils come in two types. One is the Pulsar RoK coil-less quartz coil that is ideal for vaporizing concentrates. Another is a ceramic replacement coil that you can use to vape dry herbs. Keep them on hand to ensure that you can still use your RoK eRig when the original coils are out of commission.

Quartz Drop-In Inserts

Inserts can help you in two ways: Keep your Pulsar RöK cleaner longer, and allow you to take small dabs with your eRig. The Inserts have a 12mm outer diameter, a perfect fit for your Pulsar Rok quartz coils. Pulsar Quartz Drop-In inserts come in sets of 5, allowing you to swap inserts in between hits. A perfect accessory when you want extended sessions, or sharing your RoK with friends.

Pulsar Carb caps give you full control over the hits by regulating airflow and pressure inside the coil.

Pulsar RöK Airpath Tube

One of the things that make the Pulsar Rok highly functional and easy to maintain is the air path tube. You can use pipe cleaners to clean it after each use. In case there’s too much dirt stuck and your hits are no longer as good as before, you can easily take it out. With air path tube replacements, you can still use your Pulsar RoK while you got one soaking in iso for deep cleaning.

Carb Caps

Carb caps can do wonders for your hits. They enhance your dabbing experience by giving you full control over the airflow and pressure in your Pulsar RoK. All of the replacement carb caps are made from durable borosilicate glass. The sizes are custom-fit to provide better vaporization specifically for your Pulsar RöK.

You can get the replacements in different designs such as the Bubble Carb Cap, or one that has a spinning pearl inside. Both are 25mm in diameter and are an exact fit for your Pulsar RoK eRig.

These accessories will help your Pulsar RoK provide you with a better session. You can organize your tools, maintain your rig, and have full control over the size of your hits. Make sure that you only get authentic Pulsar RoK accessories designed for your specific Pulsar eRig. Some knockoffs can ruin both the experience and your rig because of poor performance.

Do you have any questions about which accessories will go best with your Pulsar RoK? Feel free to ask us in the comment section below.


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