Pulsar Rok: It Will Grow On You

March 17, 2020 Product Reviews

Pulsar Rok: It Will Grow On You

We’ve previously reviewed the Puffco Peak eRig. Now, we’ll have a look at another electric dab rig, which is the Pulsar RoK.

What is the Pulsar RoK?

This device is a portable eRig as a concentrate and dry herb vaporizer. It’s got a durable all-metal body that makes it a perfect traveling companion. It comes with coilless quartz & ceramic cups and a carb cap dedicated for wax. Since it has a separate cup for dry herbs, you’re going to have to buy a carb cap specifically for it.

What sets this rig apart from other vaporizers like the Puffco Peak is that you have a borosilicate glass base with a disc percolator.

The Pulsar RoK electric dab rig has three temperature settings for vaporizing:

  • 900 °F (3.4v/482 °C)
  • 950 °F (3.6v/510 °C)
  • 1000 °F (3.8v/538 °C)

Right off the bat, you’ll see that the temperatures are too high, and there’s a high risk of getting scorched if you hit it wrong. It’s not the rig for those who prefer smooth, mellow, and flavorful hits, but ideal for those who want it bold and strong.

The Pulsar RoK has a beaker base and diffuser at the bottom of the rig.

However, there’s a trick to mastering the Pulsar RoK. By pulsing on the power button, you’ll be able to regulate and customize the dabbing temperature. Bending the dab rig to your will requires skill, patience, and a lot of practice. Once you get the timing and rhythm right, the quality of your vapor will improve.

How do you use the Pulsar RoK?

Using the Pulsar RoK Electric vaporizer is simple.

  1. Fill the glass filtration base with water below the halfway point, just enough to cover the percolator.
  2. Insert the perc in the cavity underneath the RoK electric body.
  3. Position the beaker base on a level surface, then attach the roc body. Gently press down to lock the parts.
  4. Using the dabber tool, place your concentrate inside the quartz coil.
  5. Turn on the Pulsar RöK by pressing the power button 5 times.
  6. Press the power button again 3 times to cycle between temperatures.
  7. Pull from the rig, rotating the carb cap as you go.

On a full charge, you can get about 25-30 sessions once you’ve mastered using the electric dab rig.

One of the simplest ways to use the Pulsar RöK is to activate the RöK mode. This allows your dab rig to heat your cups at your preferred voltage settings continually. If you want to use it, press the power button twice. The Pulsar RoK will start vaporizing when you pull from the mouthpiece. It’s going to stop vaporizing when you stop, or by pressing the power button twice.

You can easily switch to vaporizing herbs by using the ceramic coil and turn on the flower mode.

Use the coil-less ceramic coil for flower products.

Steps for cleaning the Pulsar RoK

Your Pulsar RoK electric dab rig comes with Crud Bud alcohol-filled cotton buds. This makes cleaning your Pulsar RöK coil-less quartz atomizer easy, keeping it at peak performance. To clean your dab rig, follow these steps:

  1. Let the Pulsar RoK cool down before you clean it.
  2. Using the buds, wipe the quartz cup clean after every few sessions.
  3. Set the RoK electric on a firm, stable surface and pull out the body from the glass bubbler. Take out the diffuser from the body as well.
  4. Place the glass pieces in separate Ziplock bags and submerge them in alcohol. Seal the bag and shake thoroughly to dislodge any stain. Soak for 15 minutes or overnight depending on how thick the stain is. Use a brush to scrub out any stubborn dirt. Wash thoroughly with warm water.
  5. For the air pathway, pull both tubes out of the silicone housing. Soak them in 95% iso alcohol and use the cleaning brush to take out any clogs.
  6. Clean the Pulsar RoK body by taking out the RoK collar, then the coil. Take out the mouthpiece as well as the silicone splash protector. Scrub out any sticky concentrate using the cleaning brush dipped in alcohol. Rinse out the alcohol from the brush. Wet the brush with water to scrub out the alcohol from the parts.
  7. Let all the pieces of the Pulsar RoK Electric rig dry completely before using it.

The Pulsar RoK Electric is a useful electric dab rig fit for solo or shared use. It does have a learning curve when it comes to getting that perfect dabbing temperature. However, once you got the hang of it, you’re going to have a fun time with your new toy.

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