What is a Quartz Banger Insert?

February 22, 2020 Dab Rig Parts

What is a Quartz Banger Insert?

There are different ways of enhancing your dabbing experience by changing how you use your quartz banger. We’ve talked about the thermochromic and core reactor quartz bangers. For those who want a different method of dabbing, there’s also the quartz banger insert!

What is the Quartz Banger Insert?

Do you often have problems with keeping your quartz nail clean and shiny? It’s a great tool to use for those who hate blackened or warped bangers. The quartz insert is like a bucket that you drop inside the bangers and relies on heat transfer to vaporize your product. If you have a new quartz or a favorite banger for dabbing, using the bucket will keep the quartz material

The main purpose of the quartz insert is to provide the best flavor for low-temp dabs. Because inserts don’t have direct contact with heat, it’s easier to get the right temperature for your dabs. The result is a dab full of aroma and flavor.

How do you use a quartz banger insert?

Since the main purpose of the quartz inserts is for low-temp dabs, the common practice is to drop it inside bangers.

  1. Place your dab inside the insert.
  2. Heat the banger for 45-60 seconds, or until it starts to glow. Don’t wait for it to give off a bright amber.
  3. Wait for the banger to cool down for 30 seconds.
  4. Drop the insert inside the bucket, with the open end up.
  5. Keep the heat in by using a bubble carb cap.
  6. Once you see the dab start to boil and vaporize, pull from your dab rig.
  7. Take in as much vapor as you can, then release the dab rig.
  8. Keep the vapor in for 2-3 seconds. Exhale.

Technique 2: Heat and drop method:

  1. Use reverse tweezers to hold the insert securely,
  2. Torch the bottom just like you would a nail.
  3. Place it inside the bucket of your nail, then wait for 15-30 seconds before adding in your dab.
  4. Seal with a bubble carb cap, and hit your dab rig.

Technique 3: Heating together

  1. Drop first the insert inside the bucket of your nail.quartz banger insert solo
  2. Heat the banger nail with your new insert for 30-60 seconds. Heating will take a bit longer because you need both receptacles at the proper temperature.
  3. Let the quartz insert cool for 15-30 seconds before adding your dab.
  4. Once the dab sizzles, pull from the rig and use the carb cap.

Tips for using quartz inserts

When you’re buying a new quartz insert, make sure that it can fit inside the banger. It should be able to fit inside and touch the bottom. The walls of the insert shouldn’t touch the inner walls of your nail, and should not block the airflow to the downstem.

To make sure that it does, you have to know the size and thickness of the banger that you’re going to use. If you have a 25mm banger, then you have the same outer diameter. You can check the product description or use calipers to measure the thickness. Multiply this by two then subtract it from the outer diameter of the banger. Let’s say you have a 25mm banger with a 2mm thickness:

25mm – (2mm x 2) = 21mm

To make sure, you can also subtract 1mm to that result. You can get a quartz insert around 20mm-21mm in size. Getting the right size of your insert will make using it with your rig easier and efficient.

Inserts are best used with a flat top nail. They have higher walls, making it easy for the insert to do its job. It’s going to be difficult to use a proper carb cap if you don’t have a flat top quartz nail.

Always make it a habit to clean your quartz insert. You’ll see a blackened pool of reclaim at the bottom after dabbing. You can either wipe it out using a Q-tip dipped in iso alcohol, or dump it out in a container for your edibles.

Benefits of using quartz inserts

Using quartz inserts with your flat top nails allows you to keep your nail cleaner longer, no matter what size of dabs you do. Your quartz insert can also keep the heat longer for flavorful, low-temperature dabbing. No need to get your torch every now and then just to maintain that low temp.


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