Quartz Banger Shapes: The Only Guide You Need

December 26, 2019 Dab Rig Parts

Quartz Banger Shapes: The Only Guide You Need

There are a lot of factors that can affect the functionality of a quartz banger, and one of them is its shape. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the different shapes that you’ll see your banger can come in when you shop.

Angle cut banger

When you get your dab rig, this is often the standard banger that it comes with. The top is cut in an angle so that positions your carb cap to guide the concentrate vapor towards the back and straight to the neck. The slant makes the banger look pleasing, and provides the right heat retention for small and medium-sized dabs. The size also makes it easy to clean after a good dab session and doesn’t require that much maintenance. However, the angle needs the right carb cap to fit, and you need to hold the cap to keep it in place. This angle can also force oil to flow into the neck, which can waste precious dab and soil your rigs faster.

Flat top banger

This is the most common quartz nail banger that you’ll see in online head shops. Whether you get a bubble or bell-bottomed banger, almost all of them will come with a flat top. It’s what most dabbers prefer because they offer better functionality and possibility in terms of bucket size. In addition, the flat top quartz banger fits a wide range of carb caps. If you have a favorite carb cap to use, it’s more likely to forms on the flat top compared to an angled cut. If you’re a serious dabber, this shape is going to be heaven-sent. You can use it for almost any dab size that you prefer, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything wrong with it.

Bubble bottom banger

Also called round bottom quartz nails, it’s a banger style popularized by Joel Halen. Instead of a flat, edgy bottom, you have a softly rounded banger that adds efficiency. Your concentrates almost completely vaporize, and it’s easier to clean. The bowl shape keeps most of the oils from escaping, extending your stash and giving you full concentrate flavor. The downside is that you can’t use it with most e-nail coils, so don’t throw away that torch yet if you’re going to get this one. It won’t work with quartz dish inserts, but throw in a terp pearl or two and you’ve got a party going.

Bell-Shaped Flare

Evan Shore popularized this shape, which is a banger that flares at the bottom. The added quartz and surface make it easy to retain heat and vaporizes your concentrate with added efficiency. Compared to standard flat bottoms, this shape makes it hard for oils to go up the neck. The flared bottom, however, compromises the thickness to compensate for the added surface area. It heats up well, but heat retention is affected.


Terp slurper

This is the newest innovation in a quartz nail banger and has the most unique shape compared to others. The design is interesting to look at yet fully capable of giving you the best flavors of your concentrates. If you have a high-quality dab that you’re saving for a special occasion, this banger is more than perfect. It’s also perfect for those who are saving their concentrates as it provides a high rate of vaporization. Although it’s designed for low-temp dabbing, it’s still highly efficient for high-temperature dabs.

The interesting part of the turp slurper is that it has a descending tube that has a dish catcher at the bottom. The tube has little slits that allow vapor to travel from the dish up to the banger and through the neck. The common practice is to heat the dish evenly, with the tube and base of the banger second if you prefer high temp dabs. You could either spread your dabs around the dish, or drop it in the middle of the banger. Be warned when you use this for high-temp dabs. It’s going to vaporize your dabs like no other banger could, so use a little concentrate than usual.

We hope this guide about quartz banger shapes helped you get the best banger for your dab rig. Knowing the shapes will help you shop for a quartz banger smarter, one that will match your dabbing needs and goals. Don’t have a dab rig yet? Then check out our shop! We’ve got a wide range of dab rigs that vary in design and functionality yet with high affordability. Click here now and get what could be your go-to dab rig for solo or group sessions!


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