A Comprehensive Quartz Banger Sizes Guide

November 06, 2019 Dab Rig Parts

A Comprehensive Quartz Banger Sizes Guide

Before, we gave you our comprehensive guide on how to use a quartz banger. Now we’ll teach you how to get the right banger that will fit your dab rig perfectly.

Quartz Banger Anatomy 101

Before we consider the sizes, let’s talk about the essential parts of your banger. Generally, a quartz banger has three parts: the joint, the neck, and the bucket. The joint is where you connect the banger to your dab rig’s joint, and the bucket is where you put your concentrates for vaporization.

When determining quartz banger size, you need to consider the joint as well as the bucket. Below are different charts that you can use for reference when you’re browsing for a quartz banger.

Joint sizes

Quartz bangers come in male and female joints. Male joints taper at the ends, while female joints flare at the bottom. Regardless of gender, joint sizes are still the same: 10mm, 14mm, and 19mm. The only difference is, female joints look bigger compared to male joints even if you’re looking at the same size.

Quartz Banger size chart for joints

Joint SizeSold asBest suited for
18.8mm18mm/19mmLarge dab rigs
14.4mm14mmMost common and used for most dab rigs
10mm10mmMini or micro dab rigs


You can also use a ruler to measure the joint size of your quartz banger. If you’re checking the size of a male quartz banger, measure the external diameter. For a female quartz banger, measure the internal diameter. When using a ruler, use the quartz banger size chart below for your reference:

Joint SizeMaleFemale

*Quartz banger size chart: joint sizes when using a ruler

18mm or 19mm quartz bangers are good for big dab rigs, but these large joints are found often in bongs. If you have a giant bong that you want to convert to a dab rig, most likely, you’ll get an 18mm or 19mm joint.

The most common joint size for dab rigs is 14mm. You’ll see them in our Cheech & Chong Slide-Out Perc Rig as well as in this gorgeous Stained Rainbow Glass Beaker Dab Rig. They are easier to find in smoke shops and the most likely to get recommended if you don’t know your joint size.

10mm quartz bangers are the smallest bangers available. They are perfect for mini or micro dab rigs like the Blazer Autopilot Dab Rig and the MJ Arsenal Royale Mini Dab Rig.

quartz banger size reference with coil

Match the size of the coil to that of your quartz banger bucket for even heat distribution.

Bucket Size

You can also get big and small buckets for your quartz banger. The size is important because they can make or break your dabbing experience. For one, the bucket size should match your dabbing preference. Another is if you’re a fan of using e-nails like the Pulsar Elite Pro Enail you need to match the bucket to the size of the coil.

Buckets come in different sizes, mostly:• 16mm

  • 20mm
  • 25mm
  • 30mm
  • 35mm

Generally, the inner bowl will be about 5mm less than the outer diameter of the banger. The size doesn’t affect how long you need to heat the banger, but it does affect your dabbing in different ways.

Small bucket sizes like are good for micro dabs or one-hitters to conserve your dabs. You can match them with all sizes of dab rigs, but they are most suitable for small ones.

If you’re a fan of big, huge rips or prefer using bowl inserts, big buckets are right for you. They are perfect for big or standard-sized dab rigs but require careful attention when used with small rigs.

Should you prefer to use an e-rig, match the outer diameter of your bucket to the diameter of coil. A 25mm bucket will need a 25mm coil, while a 30mm bucket will need a 30mm coil. The perfect fit will ensure that your bucket heats evenly for perfect dabs.

Getting your quartz banger size right is going to change the way you approach your dabs. The more you know about the size of your banger in terms of joint and bucket size, the more you’ll be able to dab efficiently. Just remember to match the joint size to your dab rig, and the bucket size to your rig and coil.


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