What is a Quartz Trough Banger?

April 03, 2020 Dab Rig Parts

What is a Quartz Trough Banger?

Many types of quartz bangers will enhance the functionality and style of your dab rig. However, These bangers are in for more than just fashion. Some will let you know when it’s time to dab, while others allow you to dab longer because they hug in heat like a sponge to water. We’ll take a look at a quartz trough banger and what it can bring to the table for your dabs.

What is a Quartz Trough Banger?

The trough has a distinct shape that sets it apart from other bangers.

This unique style of quartz nail is designed by Joel Halen, one of the pioneers in the glass industry. He’s been producing scientific glass pieces since 2001 and is well known for his quartz dabbing accessories. All of his quartz bangers like the Halen Honey Hole, his Quartz Trough Banger spearheaded him to fame in 2009.

Unlike other nails that have straight-up buckets, the trough is more horizontal. This provides a broader surface area for vaporizing concentrates, resulting in efficient vaporization. The oversized cups are 1.25″ wide, making it a favorite among heavy users. It allows you to dab significant amounts of concentrate in one go with lesser spills and left-overs.

As with other nails, the trough comes in different styles. You can get it in different joint sizes and genders, making it easy to find the perfect one for your dab rig. Some glass companies did some alterations to the original design. You’ll find a trough that has a forward-facing receptacle that makes it easier to see your dabs. Others come with a pair of feet that help keep the carb cap in place.

However, you’ll notice that it’s got a wide lip that requires a different style of a carb cap. The standard circular carb caps won’t work with this type of nail. You need one that will cover the entire mouth of the nail to retain the heat. Most of the carb caps come with a groove that will lock on to the neck for more secure coverage. Others are straight that you need to hold it on the nail as you dab.

How to use the trough quartz banger

You only need a few modifications to your usual technique with your quartz banger when you use the trough.

  1. Attach the trough to your dab rig.
  2. Heat the banger with a torch, using a sweeping motion. You have a wider surface area to cover compared to other dab rig nails.
  3. Sweep across the underside for about 30-60 seconds, depending on the thickness of the trough. Stop when your nail begins to glow and not when it’s actually burning red.
  4. Wait for the quartz nail to cool down for 10-25 seconds for high-temp dabs, and 30-45 seconds for low-temp dabs.

    Some troughs come with a dedicated carb cap for easy dabbing.

  5. Pull from the mouthpiece and apply your concentrate inside the banger using the tip of your dabbing tool.
  6. Cover the homeless nail with the recommended carb cap to lock in the heat.
  7. Take in as much vapor as you prefer and keep it in for 2-3 seconds before you exhale.
  8. Clear out the vapor from the rig making sure you keep the quartz banger covered.

Cleaning the trough banger

Just like with any other dab rig nails, cleaning is essential with a quartz trough banger. You can use a cotton swab moistened with 95% isopropyl alcohol to clean any left-over wax. Wipe the dab nail dry with another clean swab.

If you’re quite fond of using your trough banger and you often forget cleaning, a simple soak on iso with salt will do. Depending on how heavy the residue is on your nail, soaking can take 30 minutes to overnight.

Joel Halen designed this banger to make dabbing a more pleasurable session, giving you more room to work with as you dab. The size, however, is not intended for small dabs. If you want a quick, solo session or prefer micro-dosing, you should get one that has a smaller size. You’re also limited to your selection of carb caps compared to standard bangers.

Still, the trough banger is an efficient tool for vaporizing your product. It gives your rig that wow factor and makes sharing dabs with your friends fun and challenging.


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