Rasta Cane Boro Glass Spoon Pipe 5.5″



  • 5.5” long
  • Durable boro glass
  • Rasta swirl design in a black motif
  • Classic spoon shape
  • Has three feet to keep it upright on the table
  • Deep push bowl for satisfying loads
  • Side carb for controlled hits

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Dark and sophisticated, this Black Rasta Spoon Pipe will make you think about deep sweet pleasures. Each puff is as luscious as honey, with bold and rich tones that cloy around your mouth and senses. The spoon pipe is made from durable boro glass that gives you unadulterated smoke flavor. The little feet set in a triangular order helps keep the pipe steady on the table while you grind your herb, or rest in between puffs. It easily blends in the background for discreet storage and smoking, ideal for those who don’t want to draw attention. Getting the best smoking sesh is easy when you have a candy cane pipe.


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