Why is my Reclaim Catcher Not Working?

November 21, 2019 Dab Rig Parts

Why is my Reclaim Catcher Not Working?

You’re using your reclaim catcher to keep your Pulsar Circ Triple Dome Perc Dab Rig clean. However, you notice that you’ve got reclaim piling up inside your dab rig as if you’re not using a reclaim catcher at all. There are several reasons why your reclaim catcher is not working the way it’s supposed to.

You’re dabbing too low

Low-temperature dabs are great for tasting the flavor of your concentrate. However, if you dab too low, then your vapor will condense within your water chamber or as the smoke surfaces. Reclaim usually comes from vapor that condensed within the rig due to low temperature.

Think of when you’re boiling water. Before it starts to boil, you’ll see vapor forming droplets under the lid. As it boils, because of the hot temperature, vapor will continue to escape from the lid without condensation. However, lower down the heat and you’ll see condensation form again under the cover.

goblin perc diffused downstem female beaker rig with reclaim catcher and quartz banger 7 inch

A simple dab rig set up is necessary to make your reclaim catcher work.

It’s the same with concentrate vapors. If the vapor temperature is too low, chances are it’s going to condense as it goes up from the water chamber. You may have to increase your dabbing temperature to give your catcher some work to do.

The rig setup is overkill

A dab rig that has a perc, an ice catcher, a quartz banger, and a drop down with reclaim catcher may seem like a great set up. However, if you want to catch reclaim and make aftercare easy for you, this is way overboard. This kind of setup spells disaster and a waste of good concentrate. You’ll probably end up enjoying 40%-50% of your dabs. The rest will condense and stick to your rig.

You only need a simple setup to enjoy your concentrate and watch your catcher attachment do its work. A dome nail is best for a drop down with reclaim catcher as drop downs can cool down your vapor. Forget using ice on that ice catcher if you’re going for low-temp dabs. If you want to use a quartz banger, use the shortest and simplest reclaim catcher attachment that you can get.

Expecting a bit too much, too soon

Most of those who use a reclaim catcher attachment for the first time think that it catches all of the reclaims and keep the dab rig in pristine working condition. Even if you have an excellent rig like the Diffused Goblin Perk Female Beaker Rig with a reclaim catcher, you won’t be able to harvest a good amount of reclaim from the start.

Wait for a few more heavy sessions with your dab rig to get a good amount of reclaim from it. What usually happens is that reclaim will stick to the inner walls of your joint. Once they get thick enough, that’s the time when they will start to drip down into your receiving chamber.

Sometimes it takes about a month or more to get a good amount of reclaim in your catcher.

Give your rig enough time to get as much reclaim first. Others usually need about 3-4 weeks to get a good amount of useable reclaim from their attachment. Generally, you need to dab about 40 grams of concentrate to get a good-size reclaim in your attachment.

To recap:

If you find that your reclaim catcher is not working, check your dabbing temperature, your setup, as well as the amount of reclaim in the joint. Even the best reclaim catcher can’t do its work if you’re dabbing too low, or you’ve got a complicated setup that’s cooling your vapor too fast too soon.

Watch your dabbing temperature closely and don’t go too low if you prefer to use a drop down with a reclaim catcher. Chances are you’re going to fill your rig with reclaim instead of collecting it for edibles. Make your rig simple. A complicated rig is wasteful and won’t help your rig in any way.

Also, don’t expect humungous feats from your reclaim catcher. It doesn’t keep your rig from getting gunky, you still need to do your maintenance. It’s good for catching unvaporized concentrate from your nail or banger, but it can’t do anything about condensing vapor within your rig.

Reclaim catchers are excellent attachments to add to your dab rig. Let it do its work, and you’ll be able to catch reclaim efficiently.


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