What is the Right Ash Catcher Water Level?

January 29, 2020 Bong Parts

What is the Right Ash Catcher Water Level?

An ash catcher is a bong attachment that you use to help keep your water pipe cleaner longer. It’s especially helpful when you’re having a long session, or are having a grand time sharing your bong with your friends. There’s no need to bring your bong to the sink over and over again, especially if you have a tall one like the Kayd Mayd 3D Big Gulp. However, just like bongs, you need to get the right ash catcher water level to get it to function right

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Ash catchers are perfect for tall bongs.

Wait, do you put water in an ash catcher?

Yes, you do. Some may be insane enough to use it without water, but that’s not how the ball rolls with this one. You need to use it with water for it to be fully effective. It’s not going to do anything for you and will act as a deadweight to your bong if you use it dry.

See how the ash catcher works by using it both dry and wet. You’ll notice that your bong will get dirty quickly like before when you use it dry. It’s as if you didn’t add anything functional to your bong. Now, try using it with water and watch the magic happen. Most of the combustion debris will fall inside the ash catcher, and you don’t have to replace bong water as often.

So, what’s the ideal ash catcher water level?

Just like with any other water pipe, you need to have an ideal water level for the ash catcher to work. There are some general considerations to think of to get this right.

Fill it half-way or slightly above

Some fill their ash catchers up to half its capacity to make it work. This is often the case for ash catchers that have diffusers or percolators in them. One common ash catcher that needs a good volume of water is one that has tree-arm percs in them. Why? This brings us to the second thing to watch out for.

You just need to go above the slits to make your ash catcher functional.

Until you submerge all the slits and holes

If we go back to the previous example, tree percs have high slits. According to Percs 101, all the slits should be underwater for them to function. Smoke follows the path of least resistance, and if you have a slit or two sitting above the water, you’re in trouble. There’s going to be a considerable percentage of smoke that’s not going to get any filtration and percolation, making your ash catcher a useless expense. Make sure that you fully cover all the slits so that you filter smoke properly.

A half-inch above the perc

Now, what if you have a low-riding perc like a circ perc or a floating honeycomb perc? There’s no need to have too much water to make it function properly. These types of ash catchers mostly need to have water half an inch or a quarter of an inch above the perc. That will be enough to help you filter your smoke without getting splashbacks.

Speaking of splashback, how will I stop this?

Splashback is different from an ash catcher in a sense that you don’t get it on your mouth – it goes inside your bong. If you fill the ash catcher too much, water is going to travel up the joint and inside your bong. This will result in an increased water level that you’re not going to appreciate.

Before you start lighting your herb bowl, you have to make a pull test first. Draw in and see how much water action you’re getting from your ash catcher. Is the water too quiet or too violent? The good thing about ash catchers is that it’s easy to remove them and take out excess water. Once you got a good hit without increasing your bong’s water level, then you’re ready to light up and start your session!

Getting the right ash catcher water level is the same as with a bong. You need to use it regularly in order to know how it works. Different ash catchers have different water level requirements, but these general tips will help you get it faster. Once you get the right water level, your ash catcher is going to be a semi-permanent addition to your bong or even bubbler.

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