A Review of ROOR Bongs: Should You Buy This Brand?

August 17, 2019 Brands

A Review of ROOR Bongs: Should You Buy This Brand?

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RooR has made quite a name in the smoking industry with their glass bongs. Their glass pieces look so great and remarkable that every bong collector and smoking enthusiasts are eager to get their hands on one. But what exactly is RooR, and what does it have that makes it one of the in-demand brands for smokers? When you look at a piece, the price can range from the mid-hundreds to almost a thousand dollars. Which raises the question that most are asking: should you buy this brand?

What is ROOR?

RooR is one of the iconic names in the glass business. German glassblower Martin Birzle founded RooR in 1995, making it one of the long-standing glass companies in the industry. Why name a company RooR? The origin of its name came from the German word “rohr”, which means pipe. During their years of operation, RooR constantly re-designed and improved their glass pieces. They listened to consumers, researched, and studied how people use their bongs. They strived for perfection, centering their dedication in making smoking as a culture instead of something that needs to be done.

Over time, they soon became pioneers of innovative changes. RooR was the first to introduce Glas in Glass, doing away with grommets and O-rings for a sophisticated all-glass piece. Eventually, they developed ice notches to help cool smoke temperature. Next came the diffuser downstem that gives you the smoothest bong hits. They never stop coming up with new bong designs, and their attention to detail soon made them four-time award winners. This success makes RooR a serious contender in the industry, and they’re not stopping on doing so anytime soon.

What makes RooR bongs special?

RooR bongs have a long-standing history of providing bongs to smokers of different levels than most glass brands. Even though the company has expanded, Martin Birzle still ensures that all glass pieces maintain the same quality as the day he started the company.

Quality made glass

RooR bongs are not just luxury glass pieces that you display. Their bongs are made from high-grade pure-quality German Schott. You’ll instantly feel and see the quality of RooR bongs the moment you take them out of the box. You’ll know right away why RooR won the several awards. All RooR bongs are at least 5mm thick. You won’t get 4mm bongs even with their RooR. Glass blowers only use superior materials so you get a bong that is uniform in thickness and have sleek lines that you can’t help but touch and admire.

How does RooR maintain such strict quality? You won’t see any mass production going on in RooR. The low-volume output makes sure that they can screen all glass bongs thoroughly before they get shipped out. As a result, you have a functional bong that has style and sophistication that makes it one of the highly coveted bongs in the market.

German and American made pieces

All RooR bongs are made from Germany and the USA. At first, Martin was the one doing everything himself. When things got too much to handle (in a good way), he then created a team that has the same principle and dedication that he has. Only Germany and the US are the ones who make RooR bongs to limit the production process.

In addition to their own line of glass bongs, RooR also collaborates with other expert glassblowers, giving rise to wonderful pieces of glass art. By joining techniques of various glassblowers in line with theirs, RooR was able to keep up with the production demands while maintaining their strict quality standards.

Years spent engineering and designing

You see other glass companies making other smoking pipes like spoons, blunts, and bubblers. What ROOR concentrated on studying, designing, and crafting bongs as well as dab rigs. They took into account what smokers often find difficulty with when using their bongs such as drag, stability, and overall smoking experience. What RooR wants is to give you only the highest quality bongs that not only look appealing but will provide you with the best smoking experience you will have.

Their design and innovation came close to perfection that a number of seedy individuals are taking advantage of it by producing fakes. However, only a true RooR will have a seamless appearance as they strive to make the whole piece from a single glass tubing. This may seem pretty simple, especially if you’re looking at straight tube bongs. You’ll appreciate the skill and craftsmanship when you get a beaker bong.

Should you get a RooR bong?

RooR bongs are incredibly well-made. It’s easy to appreciate the quality of the craftsmanship, especially once you start using it. Others feel that owning one is more of a lifestyle than a necessity because the quality of the build comes with a hefty price. The RooR bong is considered a luxury piece with its price going up to hundreds and low thousands, which is only the major reason why people ask if they should buy a RooR bong.

If you want a bong that you can use and feel proud of using, you should definitely get a RooR. No one can deny the quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail that you can get with the RooR. Owning one is has been compared to owning a luxury car. A BMW functions the same way as a Honda, but you feel a sense of accomplishment and pride when you drive around on a BMW.

When you’re looking for the best bong that money can buy, the RooR comes highly recommended. Get one if you’re a regular bong user who is keen to enjoy all the features and benefits that the RooR bong can offer. However, if you’re after something more practical, there are other bongs that can give you the same features for a lesser price. You can get a bong plus a hand pipe or two for the price of one RooR bong.


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