What is a Silicone Dab Rig and How do You Use It?

January 02, 2020 Dab Rigs

What is a Silicone Dab Rig and How do You Use It?

Glass was the ultimate material for dabbing because of its inert qualities. Back then, any material other than glass for dab rigs was a no-no because of poor production technology. Fast forward several years later, companies now perfected the silicone material for dabbing. Let’s talk more about the silicone dab rig and find out why getting one is an investment you’ll enjoy.

What is a silicone dab rig?

Silicone is a production material made out of silica, a mineral that you get from sand. It was first used for industrial purposes as sealants and containers. As the production of silicone gradually improved, they’re now used for food preparation and storing.

You get intense, bold colors with silicone.

A silicone dab rig is created from BPA-free, food-grade silicone. You can get it in different vibrant colors as well as shapes that you won’t see from a glass dab rig. Because of the excellent material, it’s not going to smell like the tires of your car or your plastic slippers that you’re fond of wearing at the beach. The material is also more often than not created from platinum-cured silicone. This is a type of silicone that can withstand intense heat, so it’s not going to melt like a candle when you torch your nail.

One prime example of a silicone dab rig is this EYCE Platinum-Cured Dab Rig.  It comes in different bright colors. The wide base also has a holder for your dab tool, keeping things tidy and organized. The added titanium nail allows you to dab almost right away when you get the rig. The added glass around the joint gives added protection when you’re torching the nail.

Another plus with silicone dab rigs is that you can get rigs with unconventional designs. One example is this Silicone Soda Cup Dab Rig. It looks like an ordinary soda cup, which gives it a discreet factor. Unless your visitor is a dabber, they’ll never guess that you have a dab rig on your table. The solid, bright colors give it a retro look that will make you think about your childhood days at your favorite diner.

Functionality and durability

These dab rigs may look simple, but they come with different added features. ECYE and Pulsar made their dab rigs with detachable parts to make it easy to clean. There’s also a secret storage for your stash underneath the rig for on-hand access. Some silicone dab rigs also come with diffuser downstems to make your hits smooth and easy on the throat.

Silicone dab rigs often come in parts for easy cleaning and storage.

Most importantly, a silicone dab rig is virtually indestructible. You can smash it against the wall, and it’s going to bounce back to you whole and intact. The only thing you have to be careful about handling would be the breakable parts, which can be your quartz banger and glass downstem. Take that out from the equation and you have a perfect rig that you can bring while your camping or traveling.

How do you use a silicone dab rig?

Using a silicone dab rig is the same with glass, with a few tweaks.

  1. Have everything you need for your dabs ready: dab tool, rolling tray, concentrate, torch, carb cap, and your silicone dab rig.
  2. Heat the banger or nail, sweeping the flame of the torch around it. Keep the fire in a horizontal direction to keep the blaze from touching the silicone rig. Don’t use the torch on an angle as you’re going to burn your rig.
  3. Heat the nail until it starts to glow red, about 20-60 seconds depending on your torch settings. Don’t wait for it to give off an angry red glow. That intense heat can cause the joint to melt, burn your concentrate, and scorch your lungs.
  4. Depending on the temperature of your dabs, let the nail cool down for 10-15 seconds for high-temp, and 30-45 seconds for low-temp dabs.
  5. Pull through the mouthpiece of your dab rig. Using your dab tool, place a small size of concentrate on the nail.
  6. Cover the nail with a carb cap. Rotate it so that you can vaporize all of the concentrate.
  7. Pull in as much vapor as you can, keep it in for 2-3 seconds before you exhale.

Where can I get one?

The best place to buy a silicone dab rig is from a head shop. Although you can get some cheap silicone dab rigs in your local gas station, that is not the best place to start. Here in Big Daddy Smoke, we’ve selected the best silicone dab rigs that are safe and will give you one of the best sessions. Click here now and get your own silicone dab rig!


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