Are Silicone Pipes Safe for Smoking?

June 05, 2020 Bong Posts

Are Silicone Pipes Safe for Smoking?

Glass has always been the preferred material for a majority of smokers because of it’s non-reactive property. You can smoke the stickiest herbs as much as you want, and the last hit is as good as the first, as long as you keep it clean. If you’ve got butterfingers, though, the fragility of glass pipes can be a problem. This is which is why some companies created ones made out of silicone. However, are silicone pipes safe for smoking?

What is silicone?

For us to understand why silicone is ideal for clumsy smokers, we need to know more about the material. Silicone is a synthetic polymer that’s a result of heating a sand and quartz mixture. What you have is a material that can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 520 °F without melting.

Consumer use of silicone started with kitchen materials. Microwavable dishes became popular because they don’t produce harmful fumes the same way acrylic does. It’s almost virtual indestructible because of its high durability and pliability.

Silicone pipes

Silicone pipes are increasing in popularity because of several benefits.

  • Flexibility – you can twist, bend, press, and fold a silicone pipe and it will bounce back to its original form. Travelers, campers, and adventurers no longer have to sacrifice space because of extra stuffing to protect a pipe.
  • Durability – Drop, smash, slam, or thump your silicone pipe even on a hard concrete surface, and it’s still as good as new.
  • Light-weight – Although highly dense and compact, a silicone pipe is not as heavy as a glass one.
  • Affordability – silicone pipes can be molded and mass-produced, making production faster and cheaper.
  • Low-maintenance – hard-to-reach areas are now easier to access because of the pipe’s flexibility.

What are the types of silicone pipes available?

There are several choices of silicone pipes for you to choose from, all of which have their own special flare.

Silicone Spoon Pipe

Silicone spoon pipes like this 4” pipe from EYCE are handy and often come with a glass bowl for a clean burn. Cleaning the inside is easy because you can remove the bowl from the pipe.




eyce silicone platinum cured oil rig with titanium nail 5.5 inchSilicone Dab Rig

Many silicone dab rigs are platinum cured so that they can withstand scorching temperatures without warping or melting. You can get one that has a quartz banger or even a titanium nail. It gives the same experience as a glass dab rig, only in a more durable presentation.


Assorted Colors Extendable Food Grade Silicone Bong 9-16 inchSilicone Bong

Straight or beaker type, you have several choices for your silicone bong. You can even get one that has an extendable neck so that you don’t have to bend far to start smoking.



octopus 19mm female silicone bubbler pipe 8.5 inchSilicone bubblers

These bubblers spell fun, with several unique designs that will make your smoking session with a water pipe highly enjoyable and convenient.



Are silicone pipes safe for smoking?

Still, there’s this question that everyone is asking: are silicone pipes safe for smoking? The answer to that is yes. Brands have made their silicone materials as inert and non-reactive to heat as possible. With the advancement of technology, silicone pipes now come in medical and food-grade standards.

Many brands are now using FDA-approved silicone that’s non-toxic and BPA-free. Since the use of silicone in cookware is safe, the same thing goes for silicone pipes. However, there are several things that you need to think about.

Consider the source of your silicone pipe. You can see silicone pipes in headshops as well as gasoline stations. However, there’s a higher risk of getting poor-grade silicone when you buy silicone pipes in stores other than smoke shops. These pipes aren’t safe from fakes and imitations, and some smokers had terrible experiences with using silicone pipes because of these.

Silicone pipes don’t give off any nasty plastic scent or taste. If you’re smoking a silicone pipe that gives off noxious fumes, chances are your pipe is an imitation and should be thrown away.

Where can I buy silicone pipes?

Make sure that you’re getting silicone pipes from a reputable online headshop that knows what smoking devices are all about. These shops source their smoking merchandise from reputable sources and even straight from the brand itself. The pipes undergo strict screening and quality control so that you get the best silicone pipe for your smoking needs.

It’s time to look beyond conventions and try a different method of smoking. Click here now and choose among our silicone pipes for a shatter-free smoking session.


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