Snoop Dogg Pounds LAS 14mm Female Fixed Downstem Perc Bong With Quartz Banger 7″


If you’re looking for an affordable perc bong that fuses flair and functionality in one great design, this could be the one for you. This Snoop Dogg  Pound LAS 14mm Female Fixed Downstem Perc Bong With Quartz Banger stands at the height of 7 inches and is designed with a large, broad base for total stability and ease of use. It comes complete with a 14mm female joint, a fixed diffused downstem, and a quartz banger. Named after the most iconic US airports in Las Vegas, this beaker bong will take you to new heights. Whether you’re smoking herbs or enjoying concentrates, you get smooth, clean hits with this bong.


  • Satisfying smoking guaranteed
  • Famous Brands & Snoop Dogg Collab
  • Made with high-quality borosilicate glass
  • 4mm thick glass
  • Can be used for herbs, wax, or oil
  • 7.5” height
  • 14mm female joint
  • Fixed diffuser downstem
  • Straight mouthpiece
  • Floating beaker base
  • Comes in different colors (Note: color may vary)
  • Glass herb bowl (14mm male joint)
  • Quartz banger (14mm male joint)
  • Glass carb cap & dabber

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Additional information

Weight2.4 lbs
Dimensions10.7 × 9.3 × 4.6 in

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