Terp pearls: Jewels for Better Dabbing

February 29, 2020 Dab Rig Parts

Terp pearls: Jewels for Better Dabbing

There are more ways to enjoy your dabs and consume your concentrates efficiently. You can get innovations such as color-changing quartz bangers, core reactors, and inserts. Now we’ll be discussing terp pearls, and what they can do with your dabs.

What are Terp pearls?

Ever see perfectly shaped spheres spinning inside a quartz banger? Those are terp pearls, also called dab pearls. They are either made out of boro glass, or quartz. Boro glass pearls are cheaper, which is what most will recommend if you’re testing out the pearls for the first time. Quartz terp pearls are better because they are durable and can hold heat longer.

You can get the balls in different sizes. There are 4mm terp pearls, or you can get ones in 6mm. They can be transparent, or you can get ruby terp pearls for better visuals.

Some terp pearls are glow in the dark, perfect to pair with the UV Green Pulsar Mini Dab Rig.

What do terp pearls do?

These pearls provide the best dabbing experience by shortening the heat up time. The get hot along with the banger as you heat it with the torch. Once you add your concentrate, the pearls will help provide an extra area of heat exposure. Now, you may be asking, how can a pair of small spheres enhance the taste and flavor of your dabs?

As you draw from your rig, you’ll be pulling air through your banger. With the help of a directional carb cap, you change the flow of air, spinning the spheres around the banger. As the balls spin along with the motion of the carb cap, your concentrate will coat the spheres. The hot surfaces of the balls will then help your banger vaporize your concentrates fully.

How to use terp pearls with a banger

Using the pearls are easy, and they’re also fun to watch!

  1. Place two spheres inside your quartz banger. Don’t add more than two as they can interfere with airflow.
  2. Heat the banger with the balls inside. This method will help prevent thermal shock that can cause wear and tear on your pearls.
  3. Heat the banger until it starts to glow.
  4. Let the banger cool for 30-45 seconds, especially when your bucket gave an angry glow. Don’t be too eager to dab as the added surface area can burn your products.
  5. Add in your dab and wait for it to vaporize.
  6. Once you see vapor, pull from the mouthpiece of your rig and use your spinning carb cap.
  7. Continue to pull and watch the pearls spin free inside the banger. Rotate the carb cap to regulate the spin of the spheres.
  8. Take in as much vapor as you want, then release the vapor.
  9. Repeat until you clear out the rig.

Use a directional carb cap to make the spheres dance!

How to clean the quartz pearls

Cleaning the spheres is essential after each dab. This will help the spheres work efficiently and prevent the burning of concentrates. The fastest way to clean the pearls is to use iso alcohol. Let the spheres cool down a bit and dunk them in a small bowl with iso. Swish it around then wash it with water before wiping it dry.

It is for this reason that you need more than a pair for dabbing. You should have a fresh pair ready because you need time to cool down the spheres, or you’ll break them.

Are the pearls worth it?

Dabbing using terp pearls with spinning carb cap can enhance the flavor of your concentrates. They’re good accessories that will come in handy for those who love low-temp dabbing. Those who love high-temp dabs will also enjoy having them as they can produce thicker, more robust hits.

However, you do need a directional carb cap for the terp pearls to spin around. You’ll be having a hard time making it move around the banger with a regular carb cap. Cleaning is also a must, or you’ll get stuck with a pearl that will just burn your oil or wax instead.

Still, it’s a great accessory to have. Whether you’re dabbing small, or big, the terp pearls can really enhance your dabbing experience. You’ll find that your dabs taste better, thicker, and richer. These pearls are wonderful to use whether you’re using a Snoop Dogg Pounds or a Cheech and Chong dab rig.


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