Titanium vs Quartz Collector Tip

January 04, 2019 Nectar Collectors

Choosing a tip for your nectar collector means knowing which tip is best. Let’s talk about the differences between a titanium tip and quartz collector tip so you will know the what is best tip for your favorite nectar collector.


There are three things you need to consider for your titanium or quartz tip when it comes to heat.

Heat up time

A Titanium tip heats up after 15-25 seconds to glowing red when you hit it with a torch. A quartz tip, on the other hand, heat faster. It takes about 5-10 seconds for the tip to glow red when heat touches it.

Heat retention

Titanium tips retain heat better. Quartz tips, on the other hand, retain heat depending on the thickness of the material. The thinner the quartz material, the faster it cools down.

Heat transfer

Heat transfer happens when the heat from your tip travels to other parts that do not come in contact with the torch. Titanium tips are notorious when it comes to heat transfer. The longer you heat a titanium tip, the higher the tendency for the heat to reach the glass joint. The result: your glass joint can get stained, cracked, or broken depending on the amount of heat.

Quartz tips are the opposite. Heat does not transfer well on other parts of your nectar collector. If you prefer high-temperature dabbing without risking the other parts of your collector, quartz tips are the way to go.

nectar collectors with titanium and quartz tips

Titanium vs Quartz Tip


A titanium tip oxidize after a period of time. The metal wears off, and you need to change your titanium tip to get the best performance and flavor.

A quartz tip do not wear out the same way as titanium does. You can use it for years, as long as it’s solid and intact.


Drop your titanium tip and you can still use it for the next session. It’s a heart-stopping moment when a quartz tip falls. A quartz tip is not as fragile as glass, though, so there’s a considerable window for a drop level before it would break.


A titanium tip needs to be seasoned well before you use it. Sometimes it takes about 3-4 seasoning cycles before you can eliminate that nasty metallic flavor.

A quartz tip does not need to be seasoned. The material does not affect the flavor of your concentrate, so you can use it almost immediately.


A titanium tip is harder to clean. The resin tends to stick to the metal surface, which requires a bit of time cleaning up.

A quartz tip is easier to clean. Just wipe it with a Q-tip, and you’re good for the next session.

Titanium and quartz tips have their own qualities and differences, which makes them personal favorites of every dabber. Share your own experience with your titanium or quartz nectar collector tip to help new dabbers choose which one to get.


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