Top 5 Best One Hitter Pipes of 2019

December 30, 2019 Handheld Pipes

Top 5 Best One Hitter Pipes of 2019

In a few days, 2019 is about to come to an end! Here’s our list of the best one-hitter pipes to choose from in 2019!

Digger Brass One-Hitter Pipe

Brass has excellent durability and longevity properties. Unearthed brass artifacts dating back thousands of years are still intact and highly functional! You can expect to pass this brass one-hitter on to your grandkids as a possible heirloom!

What many love about a brass hitter is its compact size. It fits most dugout systems, and you can carry it discreetly in your pocket or purse. It’s 3” long and lightweight because of the material. The quality is superb, and the price is also affordable. The added grinder teeth help you grind your herbs and load your pipe at the same time.

Green Swirl Wide Mouth One-Hitter 2.5″

If you’re a fan of anything compact, portable, and stylish, this is a great one-hitter for you. It looks like a holy relic, with its shape and design. This elegant glass one-hitter has a wide mouth for a big, solid hit despite its 2.5” size.

It’s got a solid build and can fit comfortably in your pocket. Although it’s not going to fit in any dugout box, this one-hitter is going to be an excellent addition to your collection. With its small size and deep bowl, you’re going to get a massive single hit that will knock you off of your feet.

Pulsar Glass Chillum with Honeycomb Screen 4”

If you always have problems with getting bits of herbs and ash with your hits, you should get this one.

Emblazoned with the Pulsar logo, this one-hitter has great aesthetics as well as functionality. Slim and compact, it’s one of the easiest one-hitters that you can carry around with you. 4” in length, you know you’re going to get serious rips even if it’s just right for a single hit.

The best thing about this Pulsar Glass Chillum is that you have a one-hitter that comes with a honeycomb screen. It keeps all those tiny bits away that ruin the moment, so your hits are clean from debris. The added Maria ring makes it easy for you to identify which end has your bowl and your mouthpiece.

RYOT Aluminium Metal Cigarette One-Hitter Bat with Digger Tip 2″

There are several things we like about this RYOT bat.

On is it’s got cigarette one-hitter design that enhances its discreet functionality. It looks so ordinary, no one will guess that you’re hitting herbs instead of a cigarette. Its aluminum body and slim design make it one of the most lightweight one-hitters you’ll get. If you’ve got a heavy dugout box, this will barely add any significant weight to it.

The digger tip makes it easy to load your herbs. A simple sweep or turn, and you’ve got a good load in your one-hitter. When you want a quick-loading smoker, this is the best one for you.

GRAV Labs Helix Glass Chillum 3.5”

The GRAV Helix pipe was an innovative design that makes smoking undeniably powerful and easy. By mixing your smoke with air, the Helix Glass Chillum makes it easier for your lungs to accept smoke. With its patented directional air vents and Venturi system, each pull creates a spinning vortex.

The spinning tornado gives more than just a show. It mixes air with smoke, making it lighter and cooler. Although it’s 3.5” long, the GRAV Helix one-hitter hits hard like a bong. Fans of pure solid hits will appreciate the flavor as well as the cool smoke from this one-hitter pipe.

When you shop for one-hitters, the best way to do it is to first look at what’s popular. Aside from these stated pipes, there are also other excellent one-hitters like this Aluminum metal one-hitter pipe. It’s got a spring system that makes it easy for you to clean out the bowl after each use.

If you’re going to use a one-hitter, make sure to do proper aftercare. Because of its small size and slim design, it’s fairly easy to get dirty and clogged. The good news is, cleaning is easy. All you have to do is get a Q-tip and run the stick through the one-hitter until it comes out clean.

What do you think is the best one-hitter for you? Please do share your preference in the comment section below!


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