Top 5 Best Bubblers for Vaporizers

July 24, 2020 Dry Herb Vaporizers

Top 5 Best Bubblers for Vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers are great for those who are looking for a more mellow sesh compared to smoking a pipe or even a bong. It allows you to control the vaping temperature, making it easy for you to target the effects that you’re after with your herbs. However, there are times when the vapor is too dry for those with sensitive throats. We’ve listed here the best bubblers for vaporizers that will help moisturize and cool down vapor to enhance user comfort.

Arizer Easy Flow Bubbler Mouthpiece

The Arizer is one of the brands that make dependable vaporizers, whether tabletop or portable ones. If you own an Arizer Air 2 or an Arizer Solo 2, this Arizer Easy Flow Glass Bubbler Mouthpiece will fit just perfectly. Slightly larger than the mouthpiece of the portable Arizer vaporizers, this bubbler can further cool down the vapor and even enhance airflow.

The quality and function of this bubbler attachment are excellent, delivering more than what’s expected with the price. It can be the best low-cost bubbler you’ll own, and the design is also leakproof. What’s more, this bubbler can fit even other vaporizers with a simple glass tube.

Easy Flow Budgie 2.0

Made with 3mm thick borosilicate glass, this attachment has a 14mm joint and almost 3” in diameter. At approximately 5.5” in length, the Easy Flow Budgie 2.0 boasts of bubbler and a multi-split percolator combo. Aside from cooling down hits, it effectively diffuses vapor to help moisturize your vapor.

What’s good about this bubbler is that it can fit most of the popular vaporizers like the Crafty and Mighty from Storz & Bickel, the Magic Flight Water Pipe Whip, and the Airzer Air, Air2, and solo. You can also use it with the DaVinci Ascent along with the Ascent Straight Water Adapter. One thing to note, though. You need to have a 14mm joint adaptor for your vaporizer to use the Easy Flow.

easy flow davinci iq bubblers for vaporizersDaVinci IQ Easy Flow Bubbler

The DaVinci IQ is one of the most intuitive and intelligent vaporizers around. However, the experience can get better with the DaVinci IQ Easy Flow bubbler. At 4.5”, this dainty bubbler can effectively enhance the function of your IQ.

The bubbler has a 10mm joint, making it exclusive to the IQ. However, you do need to use an extended mouthpiece or waterpipe adaptor to make it fit.

MJ Arsenal Triple Hole Perc Klein Recycler Mini Dab Rig 3.5 inchMJ Arsenal Hydra Klein Mini Rig VE

MJ Arsenal is famous for making miniatures of famous dab rig designs. Their mini rigs and bongs are among the smallest yet packs a punch. You’ll get the same experience with the Hydra Klein Mini Rig VE, which is a journalist inspired rig.

The Hydra VE features an excellent recycling Klein function that will continually cycle vapor through the water. This allows you to cool down vapor to a temperature that is most comfortable for you before you clear it. With its small size, there’s very little air space, keeping the vapor fresh and full of flavor.

XMAX Starry/Fog Glass Bubbler

When your throat needs a break, as well as your hands, you can depend on the XMAX Starry/Fog Glass bubbler. It’s a bubbler that has a tubing connected to the water filtration system, making your session extra cool and smooth. The tubing is almost 20” long, with the glass bubbler at 4” in length, giving your vapor ample time to mellow down before it hits your lips.

The length allows you to get a bigger hit compared to the previous vaporizers. As a result, you get more vapor for large clouds without hacking your lungs away. Although initially designed for the XMAX Starry and Fog vaporizers, you can easily use this with the Mighty, Crafty, and Linx Hypnos Zero. As long as your vaporizer has a mouthpiece or a pipe connection of the same size, there’s a high chance it will fit. You may have to get the kinks out of the hose, though, before you use it. It also doesn’t come with instructions, so give yourself time to use it comfortably.

Final thoughts of bubblers for vaporizers

These bubblers for vaporizers will help you enjoy your vaporizer to its fullest potential. They can help condition vapor without altering the taste and experience. Have you tried using a bubbler with your vaporizer? Why not share your experience with us in the comment section? We’d love to know which bubblers for vaporizers gave you the best session!


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