Twisty Vs. Slider Glass Blunt – Which Is Better?

January 14, 2019 Glass Blunts

Twisty Vs. Slider Glass Blunt – Which Is Better?

Glass blunts give you the option of enjoying your favorite herb without having to roll it in paper. They are simple and straightforward, easy to use and maintain as well. There are two types of glass blunts in the market: twisty and slider glass blunt. We’ll be comparing the two so you can decide which one is the best for you.


The twisty pipe needs a bit of maneuvering to pack it up. You need to consider the surface area created by the screw. You have to twist the screw so that the herb won’t get pushed too tightly against the cap; otherwise the cherry would burn out. With a slider glass blunt, all you have to do is push your herb through either the front or back of the blunt. Push the slider forward to remove any excess air packets, and it’s all good.

classic glass slider blunt 4 inch

Slider glass blunt with flaring mouthpiece

Ease of use

The twisty glass blunt, depending on the brand, have round mouthpieces that increase in size along with the blunt. Some find it a bit hard to use because of the wide diameter – although some manufacturers have found a solution for this by creating flat-end mouthpieces. Sliders, on the other hand, already have flat or hollow mouthpieces for easier use.


Twisty glass blunts hit cooler compared to slider glass blunts. The twist of the metal screw acts like a twisted track that “prolongs” the path of the smoke before it reaches the mouthpiece. This helps cool down the smoke without compromising flavor.

The slider glass blunt only has one single tube so the smoke travels straight up towards the mouthpiece. Some have an O-Ring system to create an air chamber between the packed herb and the mouthpiece tube. However, you can only do that if you did not fully pack your slider blunt.


Twisty glass blunts can be attached to water bongs or water pipes for a cooler hit. Some brands even have their own dedicated water pipe attachment. Simply light it up and connect the mouthpiece end to the bubbler attachment, or to the stemless of your bong. If you need to remove the ash, take the twisty pipe out and twist the screw.

It’s risky to do this with your slider blunt because you’ll be removing the inner tube, which is the one holding the herb in place. You also cannot push out the ash out as easily since you need to take it out of the stemless, push in the mouthpiece to force the ash out.

twisty glass blunt with removable mouthpiece

Twisty glass blunts have removable parts that are easier to clean

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining a twisty and a slider glass blunt are almost the same. It may seem like the twisty glass blunt is more complicated to clean compared to sliders because of the screw. However, all you have to do is wrap blunt wipes around the screw like you would with a slider. Then put it back through the glass piece and twist as you push. The screw can be cleaned using the same wipe by simply

The challenge in cleaning glass blunts is in the mouthpiece. Both would need small pipe cleaners, but the twisty glass blunt mouthpiece is more comfortable to clean compared to a slider glass blunt. You need to push in and maneuver the pipe cleaner to get all the resin. With a twisty glass blunt, all you need is to push in the brush through the holes, and it’s ready for your next session.

Glass blunts are really great – overall, they have their own pros and cons when it comes to use. Which one is better? We will leave that for you to decide! If you have tried out both our twister and slider glass blunts, leave a comment down below and share your experience!


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