Understanding Dab Pen Cartridge Costs & Choosing What Brand to Buy

October 21, 2018 Dab Pen

Ever since mankind learned the art of making smoking products, the smoking industry has grown from a small scale to large-scale industry. With the emergence of technology, smoking became more convenient over the years.

First, there was the introduction of e-cigarettes. Then, smokers shifted to vaporizers or “vapes,” which is more versatile than the classic e-cigarettes.

Now, technology has developed it into something that makes smoking more comfortable and convenient. The introduction of dab pens has shaped the culture of “vaping,” and has made it even more personalized.

Thanks to the option of personalization given to itsend-users, the vape industry has made different choices of customization available to itsconsumers. Such customization is not limited to the selection of flavors for the vape cartridges.


What Are Dab Pens and Dab Pen Cartridges?

From the name itself, dab pens are vaporizers that are specifically designed to imitate the feel of carrying light vaporizers in the shape of a pen. However, dab pens come in different shapes, designs, and sizes.

It is popular because of its portability, as it is light and pocket-sized. Dabs pens are known for their discreteness.

On the other hand, dab pen cartridgescontain the concentrates that dab pen users consume in the form of vapor.The cartridges are usually attached under the dab pen, and these cartridges come in different flavors.

Most often, people who use dab pens are those who are under medical treatment or those who just use smoking products for recreational use.

dab pen cartridges cost


What Do You Need to Know About Buying Dab Pen Cartridges?

When buying, knowing the dab pen cartridge cost is important. Buying from reliable sources is also a plus factor.

Choosing the brand is anotherimportant factor. Read product reviews about certain brands on the market. Check for customer complaints or any negative feedback.

Also, if you’ve been a long time user of dab pens, check the potency level and the smoke level. Some brands say that they have a high potency level when in fact long-time consumerssay it’sthe other way around.

Other cartridges become clogged, so take note of that too. Make sure that you choose a cartridge that doesn’t become clogged because itwouldaffect the smoke that the dab pen wouldrelease.


How Much Does aCartridge Cost?

Usually, the cost of dab pen cartridges depends on the flavor or brand, or both. Cartridges commonly sell for $40 to $60 for 0.5 grams. It might seem pricey, but a cartridge can last for up to two weeks on average use. Full cartridges or 1 mg cartridges can cost from $80 to $100.

Price is also responsive to the brand that the cartridge carries. Also, some brands provide a wide range of strains of mind-altering concentrates. Special and stronger flavors sell at a higher price.

Some buy empty dab pen cartridges to save money. This gives the user the option to buy refills instead of buying another cartridge.


What Are the Different Cartridge Brands in the Market?

Several dab pen cartridge brands offer various strains at different prices. Here are five cartridge brands that are popular among dab pen users and where to buy them.

  1. FlavRx

This product is one of the highly-praised cartridge brands. It is famous for its wide range of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains.

People who have tried using FlavRx said that there is an identical taste between the FlavRx flavor and the natural flavor. It also markets a THC level of 80 to 90 percent.

FlavRx cartridges sell at a range of $35 to $65. FlavRx products are commonly available in Washington, California, and Oregon.

  1. Kurvana

The company Kurvana makes its concentrates using its custom-made extraction machines to produce its oil concentrate dab cartridge. However, the flavor and potency aremaintained, and users have noticed that it has preserved its natural strain flavor.

Kurvana products are highly potent, having a THC level of 80 to 90 percent. This brand is suitable for those who want to experience a psychoactive adventure.

  1. Honey Vape     

This cartridge brand boasts of its butane free and high THC content level of more than 75 percent.

Honey Vape, just like the cartridges mentioned previously, sells pre-filled dab pen cartridge. This product is commonly available in California.


Which of the Three Brands Stand Out?

Customers find the flavors of FlavRx good. Also, customers who have tried several flavors of FlavRx discovered that their flavors are authentic.

On the other hand, Kurvana has issues with clogging. Some Kurvana cartridges have shown some clogging after prolonged use,but the company has established a solid replacement policy for defective products.

As for Honey Vape, this brand has some issues withproduct consistency. Other consumers receive a defective unit while others do not. This issue has created a loss of confidence from some customers.

The verdict? FlavRx appears to be aconsumerfavorite. Aside from the quality of its flavors, many customers like it for its consistency in product quality.


Of the three brands stated above, choosing the best dab pen cartridge at a lower cost but better quality is subject to many factors. Hopefully, this article answers the questions you may have on dab pens and dab cartridges and will help you in finding the brand that is suitable to your preference.


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