Upright Fixed Downstem Disc Perc Dab Rig 9″



  • 9” tall
  • Cool, spyglass design
  • Made from durable boro glass
  • Fixed downstem with disc perc for smooth, cool hits
  • Round stable base keeps the rig on the table
  • Maria rings for easy carrying
  • 14 mm female joint
  • Comes with a quartz banger
  • Comes in different color accents (may vary)

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It’s a dab rig that gives you a close eye over your hits. Styled like a spyglass, you’ll feel like you’re James Bond uncovering the mysteries of your missing dabs.

The wide base provides excellent stability for such a tall rig. The spyglass chamber serves as a captivating window that displays how thick the vapor is going as you rip. The flared mouthpiece makes your hits comfortable without any sharp pressure points around the lips. With Maria rings around the neck, carrying and passing the rig around is easy. You and your friends will enjoy being a spy for a day with this dab rig.


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