Vaporizer VS Bong: Which Makes It Better for You?

April 17, 2020 Dry Herb Vaporizers

Vaporizer VS Bong: Which Makes It Better for You?

Do you prefer the traditional way of smoking your herbs yet wish to try using a dry herb vaporizer? We’ll look at the two in our vaporizer vs bong review.

What is a vaporizer and a bong?

Are you new to the wonderful world of herbs, or know just one method of enjoying plant matter? You have to be familiar with the two devices to appreciate the unique features of each one.


A vaporizer is a modern way of enjoying the essence of your herbs. It’s got different types of heating elements that produce vapor instead of smoke because there’s no combustion. It uses electricity to activate the heating chamber to vaporize the essential oils in your herbs.


Bongs have been around for centuries, with historical evidence of bongs in Africa with artifacts dating 1100 and 1400 CE. Compared to a vaporizer, a bong is a smoking device that burns herbs to produce smoke. Its a water pipe that uses water to filter unwanted chemicals and cool down smoke for a smoother smoking experience.

Dry herb vaporizers have temperature controls to help customize your vaping session.

Experience & Ease of Use

Most vaporizers have a temperature control option that allows you to customize the kind of hits that you want. Prefer a creeper type of experience with discreet clouds yet full flavor? Choose low temp settings for a mellow sesh. Want it strong and bold? Crank it up to high and get that face-melting experience. However, getting the experience that you’re after for vaping dry herb requires trial and error. Some vaporizers are easy to get used to, while others have a high learning curve.

For a bong, you can get a straightforward experience with water filtration. Light it up, suck the smoke from the bong, and you’re good. You can customize your experience by adding ash catchers, changing the downstem, choosing perc bongs, and adding ice. However, these attachments can add extra size and weight to your bong, which can be a disadvantage if you live in a small space.


Many people say that vaporizing herb allows you to enjoy the full flavor profile of your herbs. This is because an herb vaporizer doesn’t burn any material. When you look at the herb chamber after a session, you’ll get crisp, brown plant material that you can still use for edibles. If you have a discriminating palate and prefer to taste every nuance of flavor, herb vaporizers are the best for you.

Bongs can be a bit harsh but can give you intense flavors even with percs and water filtration. However, some prefer the bold flavors that a bong gives because it’s full-bodied.

Vaporizer vs bong hits

When you use a vape pen, you’ll be vaping a small amount of herb. It’s ideal for micro-dosing and for those who have small lung capacity. Instead of doing heavy drags, you take small sips with a dry herb vaporizer to maintain the heat.

Big bongs can give massive hits compared to vaporizers.

Now, if you want to get the full effects of your herbs hard and fast, a bong is what you should get. You can load as much as a gram of herb in a good-sized bowl. The size of the bong can also be enough to fill your lungs to capacity, giving you face-melting hits.

Size and Convenience

Vaporizers come in different shapes and sizes, with desktop vaporizers being the biggest and heaviest. However, you can have handheld and portable vaporizers that you can take with you wherever you go. With safety features in place, they are now handy to store in your bag or pocket so that you can take them anywhere. With stainless steel parts and durable exteriors, there’s no need to worry about breaking it.

Bongs also come in different sizes, with some going as big as 37″ tall or as small as 3″. However, most bongs are made with glass, which makes carrying them around inconvenient. You can get silicone or acrylic bongs that are more durable, but they still don’t compare to the size and convenience of a portable vaporizer.


A vaporizer is considered as an investment. It costs more but will save you on herbs in the long run as you don’t need much to vape. Bongs can cost less than $20, like our Gold Acrylic Straight Tube Bong. However, some bongs will cost more than $1000, such as those from Mothership, RooR, and Illadelph.

Are you choosing between vaporizer vs bong? Why not get both and enjoy the best of both worlds! You can even use a vaporizer with a bong! Click here now and choose among our affordable brands.


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