Wake and Bake 10oz Ceramic Coffee Mug Bong



  • 10oz ceramic coffee cup
  • Discreetly located mouthpiece at the handle
  • Front-sided bowl for discreet smoking
  • Wake & Bake motif
  • Different color choices

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Wake up in the morning and prepare your favorite coffee and herbs.

This cup can give you one of the best mornings you’ve ever had. Pour in some coffee and pack your herbs in the built-in ceramic bowl. Now you’re all set to start your morning and be as productive and creative as you can be.

The ceramic cup has a thick partition between the chambers for your smoke and coffee. You don’t have to worry about heat. Many love the flavor of smoke coming out from this cup, and the hits are full of flavor and body. The carb hole at the handle gives you full control over your hits, so no worries about getting too much too soon first thing in the morning.

Wake up to a great morning! Enjoy the smell and flavors of your coffee and herbs at the same time!


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