How Much Water to Put In a Nectar Collector

December 31, 2018 Nectar Collectors

How Much Water to Put In a Nectar Collector

A nectar collector gives you a unique dabbing experience that combines all the good parts of a dab rig, bong, and pipe. The good thing about this is that you control your dab intake. With a simple dip and sip, you’ll enjoy your favorite concentrate without wasting a single drop. However, not all nectar collectors have water in them. We’ll be leaving out the dry nectar collectors (wands) from the discussion to simplify things.

How much water level should I put?

Just like a bong, you need to fill a nectar collector with the right amount of water to achieve the perfect percolation. Do so slowly, gently adding water in a bit of water at a time until you get the right level. Place the nectar collector at eye level to check if you got the right amount of water in the central up-stem.

Regardless of the model and design, a wet nectar collector should be filled barely halfway up inside the diffuser. NOT the chamber. If you have over-filled your nectar collector, remove the excess by blowing through the mouthpiece.

Tips for putting water inside a nectar collector

  • A nectar collector can be filled in two ways. One is through the top of the mouthpiece, and the other through the tip joint.
  • When filling the nectar collector from the mouthpiece, make sure to do it slowly. Letting the water run through too fast will create a suction effect that will just let the water go through the nectar collector.
  • If you’re using leak-proof collector with a fixed mouthpiece, you put water in through the tip joint. Suck through the mouthpiece and place the tip joint in a vessel of water to draw the water in the chamber.
  • If water spills out from the joint tip, you have created a suction effect. Break the vapor lock by sucking through the mouthpiece. Add more water if needed
  • Regardless of where you put the water, make sure the tip is removed when you fill your nectar collector.
  • Avoid getting the tip wet. Remember that you are heating the tip to get dabs. Heating a wet tip can lead to cracking of your nectar collector or other dangerous accidents.
  • Leak-proof nectar collectors like the Nectar Collector V3.0 is easy to overfill because you don’t get any backsplash. It’s better to check these types of nectar collectors visually when you are still getting familiar with using them.
  • Use joint wax if you’re having a hard time creating a solid seal with the mouthpiece and tip joint. Seal is crucial because you don’t want water spilling out on either end while you’re using your nectar collector.

Wet nectar collectors come in various sizes. There are small ones that can take anywhere along with you, and large ones that are almost the size of a bong. Right now we have a collection of portable nectar collectors. Check out our store and feel free to contact us if you have questions.


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