What Does a Percolator In a Bong Do

December 11, 2018 Bong Posts

What Does a Percolator In a Bong Do

Percolators are growing in popularity since it came out five years ago. It’s a functional addition that does more than making your smoker look seriously cool. It helps give you a cooler, smoother hit compared to just your regular bong or water pipe. Percs an essential addition for those who are having a hard time taking a hit.

How does a percolator in a bong work?

Percolators work by forcing water through additional water chambers and holes. This action is possible due to changing of pressure that results from dragging. When the smoke from the main water chamber passes up through the water in the percolator, two things happen:

Secondary cooling

Percolators have numerous openings that break the smoke into smaller pieces by creating bubbles. This increases the smoke’s surface area that comes in contact with water. The gurgling activity cycles the smoke through the water as you pull. Heat exchange between the water and the smoke happens in each pass, lowering down smoke temperature to give you a cooler hit.

Added filtration

The added “layer” of water in your perc bong provides additional filtration. Most of the good components in your smoke are non-water soluble. The toxins, on the other hand, can be “captured” inside the water. The filtration increases the smoothness of your hit and makes the smoke safer for your throat and lungs. The result is less cough with each drag compared to hitting a bong or water pipe that has no percolator in it.

pulsar straight bong with three percs

“Wet” Smoke

Heat from the smoke vaporizes the water, producing a soothing vapor that will soothe your throat. The vaporization is a great help if your throat is always dry. Another reason why percolator bongs should be in your smoking arsenal if you consistently experience coughing every time you take a hit.

Better flavor

There are those who would say that percolator bongs makes you appreciate the flavor of your herb. Flower smokers are partial to percolator bongs because they can taste the distinct flavor of different herb strains .

Does it affect your hit?

One of the most debatable topics about percolators is how it affects your hit. Some say it helps with absorbing THC compounds that will give you a better hit experience. However, it’s all probably due to the increased drag that you’re taking. The smoke has to pass through a maze of tubes, holes, and chambers (depending on your percolator system) before it can get to your lungs. This means you exert more effort in dragging, forcing your lungs to expand right down to almost cellular level.

Buying a percolator bong is an investment, but it is something that you should consider. Those who have tried using percolator bongs or water pipes often say they can’t go back to their regular bong. There’s no need to spend too much on it, though. There are a number of cheap percolator bongs that you can try out on our website. Take a look and see which of them would be the perfect one to be added to your collection.


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