What Is A Blunt Bubbler and How Do You Use It?

December 24, 2019 Bubbler Pipes

What Is A Blunt Bubbler and How Do You Use It?

Rolled blunts are a favorite because they contain more herb goodness than a regular cigarette. However, the added combustion from paper makes it too harsh and strong for others. Who hasn’t experienced getting a massive cough or two when they hit their blunts? The good news is, you can use a blunt bubbler to help cool it down and filter out some unwanted materials to make smoking easy.

What is a blunt bubbler?

A blunt bubbler is a small water pipe that is about nearly half the size of a regular ballpen. It’s designed to help filter smoke from blunts or blunts, making its consumption easier and smoother. Depending on its size, a bubbler for blunts can be thin, round, or elongated. Most of them can fit within the palm of your hand with a comfortable hold.

Grav Labs Discreet Round Glass 10mm Female Mini Pocket Bubbler 4 inch

The GRAV Labs Spherical Pocket Bubbler gives better filtration for smoking blunts with its downstem.

This type of bubbler has a straightforward design that eliminates guesswork and ceremonies. You have a chamber for your water and smoke, a cone receptacle for your blunt or blunts, and a small mouthpiece. Let’s have a look at the chamber first.

At first glance, you’re probably thinking, how does this little sprite of a thing help me enjoy my blunts better? It’s so small; it can hardly be classified as functional! Looks can be deceiving, my friend. That small chamber is enough to hold the right amount of water to help cool down your smoke and filter out combusted material. When you take a hit, you’re going to hear that gurgling sound that closely resembles a regular bubbler. If you hear that babbling brook, you know you’re going to get smooth, clean hits.

The ergonomics

The mouthpiece and blunt holder are easily distinguishable through their shapes and positioning. You insert your blunt through the cone-shaped holder that’s wide enough to accommodate most blunt sizes. It’s also deep enough to keep the blunt in place, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off.

The mouthpiece is a straight tube that fits perfectly inside your mouth. It’s small enough to give the impression that you’re sipping something excellent and tasty through a straw. It’s easy to form a tight seal around it for a smooth sip.

Another great thing about blunt bubblers is the positioning of the mouthpiece and the blunt holder. The mouthpiece is located a touch higher to make smoking convenient. Take this GRAV Labs Spherical Pocket Bubbler as an example. You don’t have to position your wrist or hand in an awkward position.

If a unique bubbler is what you’re looking for, the Pulsar Brass Knuckle Bubbler is perfect for you.

How do you use a blunt bubbler?

Once you’ve identified the parts, you’re now ready to have a smooth, flavorful experience with your blunt.

  1. Fill the blunt bubbler with water about 1/4 full through the blunt holder. That’s the beauty of a blunt bubbler; you only need a little to enjoy its functionality.
  2. Thoroughly wipe the blunt holder dry to prevent getting your blunts wet.
  3. You could either light the blunt before inserting it in the bubbler or put it in before you light it up. Some prefer lighting it before inserting it to get an even burn, while others are okay with inserting it first.
  4. Draw through the mouthpiece until you got the right amount of smoke that you want. Some blunt bubblers have carb caps to give you full control over the size of your hits, enhancing the experience.
  5. Release the bubbler and keep the smoke in for 1-3 seconds.
  6. Repeat and enjoy.

When you’re tired of coughing when you’re smoking a blunt, it’s time to get a blunt bubbler. For some, smoking a blunt eventually makes their throat sensitive, and they can no longer enjoy their favorite smoking pastime. By using a blunt bubbler, you can go back to the old-school way of smoking without the irritation and dryness. Your hits are smooth, fresh, yet full of flavor. What’s more, you don’t have to suffer through soggy blunts when you’re sharing hits with your friends.

Want to have a blunt bubbler that will give you a better smoking experience? Click here now and take home that bubbler that will make you appreciate your blunts more.


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