What Is a Chillum and How Is It Used?

June 05, 2019 Bong Posts

What Is a Chillum and How Is It Used?

Using a bong or a pipe for instant and discreet hits is a challenge. If you’re fond of smoking herbs but you’re only after occasional yet highly satisfying rips, you should consider getting a chillum. It’s been around for years yet ott still retains its popularity because of its cool design and everyday practicality.

What is a chillum?

A chillum is a conical, straight pipe that has an end-to-end channel. Slender and short, the pipe is often called one-hitters or bats because of its appearance. It can be made out of clay, wood, bamboo, or glass. Although they may look innocent and simple, it takes a lot of skill to create a single piece. Unlike pipes, a chillum does not have a carb hole that regulates air flow. Still, the cherry still glows and can maintain itself as you draw from the chillum.

The chillum is a smoking device used for thousands of years. Historical documents show ancient Hindu men (sadhus) in India invented the chillum in the eighteenth century. These holy monks use the chillum for spiritual and meditation rituals, particularly when they are praying to Shiva. Sadhus have been using chillum even before tobacco was introduced in India. Eventually, the practice of smoking a chillum spread throughout Asia as well as Eastern Europe, then the United States.

So what made the chillum famous that it spread to western countries? It’s due to the spiritual significance of the chillum and the tradition of passing it around with friends. The hippie culture embraced the chillum because it creates a sense of oneness and family. Chillum’s popularity did suffer a blow because of the emergence of different types of smoking devices. However, because of its unique design and practical use, it’s now making a comeback in the smoking industry.

The Grav Labs Big Glass Bell Chillum has a wide hollow chamber for gathering and cooling the smoke.

The chillum effect

Chillums give strong and direct rips and can come in various sizes. The larger the pipe, the bigger your hits. Don’t rule out the small ones because they can still hit hard. It’s such a small piece compared to a bong, and some are smaller than a regular pipe. But why does it hit hard? It’s all thanks to the basic yet highly effective design. Some chillums have distinct shapes that are more than just for show. The hollow tube allows for rapid cooling of smoke, and it also allows smoke to accumulate. More smoke means more hits.

For example, take a look at our Grav Labs Chillum. See that hollow bell shape after the bowl and that spherical chamber before the mouthpiece? That’s enough space collect smoke and cool it down before it reaches your mouth.

How to use a chillum

Using a chillum is easy and almost straightforward. You grind your herb (and tobacco) then flake it in your hand. You can add a bit of concentrate to the mix if you want really strong rips. You could either roll the herb mix into a ball let it stay on the mixing bowl. Pack the herb mix into the bowl by either putting the ball in the bowl or pressing the bowl on the herb. Press the herb with your finger in the bowl to keep it in place. Don’t press too hard, or you’ll interfere with the air flow.

There are two ways to take hits from a chillum. One is to light it as you draw directly from the mouthpiece, which is ideal for small chillums. If you have a big chillum, place a cloth around the mouthpiece and grip it in the hollow between your thumb and index finger. Make a cusp with the chillum with your hands and hold the pipe at 80 degrees. Ask a friend to light up the chillum for you as you draw from the cusp.

The chillum practice

The rule in smoking and passing a chillum is that whoever packs the chillum is not the one who lights it. This means someone should hold up the light for the one who prepared the chillum. After using the chillum, you should clean it thoroughly, including the stone that comes with it (for big chillums).

Chillums are great for instant, powerful hits. If you want an occasional and quick one-hitter with a bit of discreetness thrown at the side, you should get a chillum. BigDaddySmoke chillums are made from high-quality borosilicate glass that is durable and long lasting. If you want an excellent piece of chillum to try out, we suggest you go for our Grav Labs Helix Glass Chillum. The Venturi chamber spins the smoke around and cools for a satisfying hit.

Do you have any questions about our chillums? Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!


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