What Is a Dab Rig Recycler and How Does It Work

February 05, 2019 Dab Rigs, Recycler Dab Rigs

What Is a Dab Rig Recycler and How Does It Work

A dab rig is an excellent piece of dabbing equipment that allows you to use your concentrates with the added benefit of a water bong. A recycler dab rig is an upgraded version of a dab rig. It combines two water chambers that “recycles” water in an infinite loop. This cycle has many benefits. It cleans the vapor and cools it down, intensifying your smoking experience. This means you can get big rips that are cooler, smoother, and cleaner – regardless of how hot or cool your dab is.

How does a recycler dab rig work?

Vapor increasingly become stale the longer it comes in contact with air. The recycler dab rig preserves the freshness of the vapor by cycling it over and over again. Water runs up from the first water chamber/reservoir, reaching the second chamber through the intake. It drains down from the second chamber back to the reservoir.
The cycle itself acts as to diffuse and clean vapor from harmful toxins. The percolator in the first chamber helps further intensify the filtration, highlighting the flavor of your concentrate. The longer the vapor cycles through the recycler dab rig, the better it gets.

The second water chamber also works as a splash guard. This lets you pull on your dab rig longer, concentrating the milk and increasing the size of your rip without any splash. It’s positioned as close to the mouthpiece as possible so that the bubbles pop closer to your mouth. This allows you to taste the truest form of flavor of your concentrates.

You’ll also notice you’ll get lesser reclaim in a dab rig recycler. The constant water motion leaves little room for reclaim to stick on in your glass. This makes your dab rig recycler easier to maintain between sesh.

Things to consider

Some designs have more than one recycler tubes and chambers that help double the benefits of a recycler dab rig. However, the more tubes and chambers your dab rig has, the heavier the pull.

Also, all recycler dab rigs have splash guards. If you get backsplash, this means you added too much water. Remove the water by pouring it out through the stemless. Just makes sure to dry it thoroughly to prevent it from cracking due to heat.

Always clean and maintain your dab rig recycler after every use. It’s easier to clean it if you keep up with regular maintenance. Always dump used recycler water to keep the flavor of your vapor nice and fresh.

Wish to get a different feel of dabbing? We have a collection of single and double dab rig recyclers that you can choose from. All of them are made high-grade quality to give you hours of continuous dabbing session. Share your stories on how you use our recycler dab rigs, and how it improved your dabbing experience.

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