What is a Dab Straw and How do you Use it?

November 14, 2019 Nectar Collectors

What is a Dab Straw and How do you Use it?

Are you looking for a different alternative to consume your dabs? Aside from a dab rig, you can use a dab straw for vaporizing concentrates. It’s a great tool for dabbing on the go at a lesser price compared to a dab rig or a dab vaporizer.

What is a dab straw?

A dab straw, sometimes called a honey straw or nectar collector, started as a piece of long cylindrical borosilicate glass pipe. One tip is for dabbing, while the other end is for sipping vaporized concentrates.

The Pulsar Boro Glass Dab Straw is simple to use, and a great entry-level dab straw.

Dab straws come in different shapes and designs. The simplest and most basic can be made from a long cylinder tubing made of either glass or silicone. The tips can come in different materials as well, such as borosilicate glass, quartz, or titanium. Titanium is the most durable and long-lasting, while glass and quartz give you the purest flavor of your concentrates.

There are two types of dab straws. Dry honey straws are plain waterless dabbing tools like the pulsar Silicone Nectar Collector. Wet dab straws are like Pulsar Quartz Nectar Collector has a water chamber that will cool down and moisturize your dabs. This is best for those who find straight, hot dabs strong and irritating.

How do you use a honey straw for dabs?

Using a dab straw is easy.

  1. Prepare all the necessary materials such as your dab straw, torch, and concentrate. You don’t have to take the concentrate out of the container.
  2. If you have a dab straw that has a water chamber, fill it up with water first. Make sure all the connections are dry before attaching the tip to prevent thermal expansion. Secure the joints with either a wax joint or a keg clip to keep the parts in place.
  3. Hold the dab straw with one hand with the tip pointing downwards at an angle. Keep this in mind when you’re using a dab straw with a water chamber.
  4. Turn on your torch and point the flame at the tip of the straw. If you want high temp dabs, heat the end of the dab straw using the tip of the flame. If you prefer a higher temperature, use the center of the flame for faster heating.
  5. Rotate the dab straw to distribute the heat evenly. Stop when the tip is just starting to glow. Continuing beyond this point will cause your straw to warp or even crack due to extreme temperatures.

    Waxmaid Food Grade Silicone Nectar Collectors With Dual Wax Containers 8 inch

    The Waxmaid Nectar Collector is another form of dab straw that has a water chamber for cooling down your dabs.

  6. Wait for a few seconds to cool down the tip (not too long as you would with a quartz banger nail)
  7. Hold the concentrate dish or container in your other hand. Draw from the mouthpiece as you touch the tip of the straw. Don’t drag the tip across the concentrate. Dab the straw as if you’re an artist doing a retouch on a painting.
  8. Repeat until you get the hits that you want.

The technique is the same whether you’re using a glass dab straw or a quartz dab straw. The only difference is that a quartz dab straw is stronger and able to handle a higher temperature than boro glass.

One thing though: if you’re going to use a dab straw for budder, get one that has a water chamber instead of a long straw. Depending on how you use the straw as well as the temperature of the tip, you may end up inhaling budder instead of vapor. If you use a honey straw with water, there’s a better chance that any unvaporized particles will get filtered out.

Are dab straws good?

The answer to that is a resounding yes! They are great for doing quick on-the-go dabs. When used right, they will help you save money on concentrates. You’ll be able to dab straight from your container and vaporize every single drop of concentrate.

Your dab straw allows you to regulate the heat and the hot surface that comes in contact with the concentrate. This way, you’ll only vaporize the amount of concentrate that you need and can handle. No wasted vapor because there’s a lesser chance of taking a massive slice of your concentrate as you would with a dab rig.

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