What Is A Dugout And What Does It Do?

December 25, 2019 Handheld Pipes

What Is A Dugout And What Does It Do?

Like your herbs in a roll, but don’t like the rolling part? Do you prefer to do one-hitters from time to time, but can’t be bothered packing a pipe? Or do you need to extend your stash until you have enough to buy for a refill? Let’s discuss everything about a dugout and what it can do for your herbs.

What is a dugout?

A dugout has a twisting cover that helps contain the one-hitter and herbs inside the box.

First introduced during the ’70s, a dugout is a small box that has two separate chambers or compartments. One side holds your taster bat that sometimes comes with a spring to help pop up the taster bat. The other side contains your herbs, which can hold up almost a gram depending on the size of the dugout. You can quickly tell where each item goes by the size of the compartments. The small, round chamber is for your one-hitter, while the bigger, wider compartment is for your herbs.

Also a one-hitter dugout, it’s commonly made out of wood or metal since they are created with portability in mind. Some even come with other accessories like a wire picking tool and a slim credit-card type metal grinder.

These items are held in place through a rotating lid to make access and storing easy. When you twist the lid, you open up the two compartments. If your box comes with a spring, your one-hitter will pop up for easy access.

The taster bat that comes with it is commonly made out of metal so you don’t have to worry about breaking or shattering. You can also get a dugout organizer that has a glass one-hitter if you’re used to using glass for smoking. For fans of wooden pipes, you can also get a hybrid one-hitter bat that has a wooden stem and a glass bowl.

It’s a great storage and organizing solution for people who are always on the go. The size is similar to either a half-pack or a full pack of cigarettes, making it easy to carry around with you. It can easily fit inside your pocket, purse, or bag. Some even have classy, artful designs that make interesting conversational pieces.

Dugouts usually are the same size as a cigarette pack.

How to use a dugout one hitter system

With a dugout, smoking becomes easy and convenient. Here’s how to use it so you can take its full advantage and enjoy it without worries.

  1. Grind your herbs to a medium-coarse grind. Twist the cover of the dugout box and store your ground herbs inside the herb compartment. Don’t grind it too fine or you’ll be getting ash and herb snacks when you take a hit.
  2. Insert the taster bat inside the other chamber and close the lid. You’re now ready to bring it with you anywhere you want.
  3. When you need to have a hit, twist the cover in such a way that your thumb will cover the bat to prevent it from shooting out.
  4. Take your one-hitter and hold it with the bowl facing downwards. It’s the side that either has jagged edges or teeth to grab the herb or a tapered end.
  5. To pack your taster bat, you could either push and twist or insert the one-hitter in a 45-degree angle and sweep left and right. Change the angle as you alternate directions in sweeping.
  6. Light your one-hitter the same way you would a pipe or cigarette.
  7. Inhale and enjoy the smoke.
  8. Use the poker tool or the wooden/plastic part of a Q-tip to clean the bat after use.

Why use a dugout?

Dugouts make smoking easy and convenient. It’s your smoking and storage solution all in one that you can carry with you anywhere without worrying about spilling your herbs or squishing your pipe. It also keeps your herb clean and sanitary for a hands-free packing. You don’t have to think about having sweaty or dirty hands that can contaminate your stash.

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