What is a Glass Drop Down Attachment?

February 13, 2020 Dab Rig Parts

What is a Glass Drop Down Attachment?

Do you have a dab rig that you use every day? Do you always worry about breaking your dab rig joint because of stuck reclaim? Or are you merely looking for something that will help prolong the life of your one-and-only dab rig? The answer to all of these concerns is a simple little thing: the glass drop down. Let’s talk more about it and how it will help add a level of functionality to your rig.

What is a glass drop down attachment?

A drop down for a dab rig is an attachment or accessory that you connect to your dab rig’s joint before. This is where you’ll be attaching your favorite nail for dabbing. These attachments vary in shape, joint size and length. Some of them have an angular, edgy crane-like shape. Others have a sleek, rounded S-shaped path for smoother airflow.

It’s called a drop down because it positions your nail lower than your dab rig. It’s important to know that this attachment has two joints that are pointing in opposite directions. The joint that’s pointing down or has a bottom opening goes to your dab rig. This part always positioned higher than the other. The joint that points up or has a top opening is for your nail. The joints can be either male or female, which you need to match with your setup.

[Some drop downs have angular shapes]

Why do you need a drop down for your rig?

There are several reasons why you should consider getting a drop down.

For protecting your rig from intense heat

There are times when it’s awkward to torch your quartz banger nail. Let’s have Pulsar Circ Triple Dom Perc dab rig as an example. Now, this is one exceptional piece of glass. With its triple dome perc your dabs are going to be smooth, cool, and full of flavor. However, the banger is located a little close to the body and joint of the rig. By using glass drop down, you’ll be able to extend the banger away from the rig, keeping it from getting too hot.

Keeps your rig cleaner longer

Ever notice that you frequently get sticky, black reclaim around your joint whenever you use a domeless nail? Using a dropdown attachment will help prevent that from happening. Instead of worrying about reclaim collecting around the joint and inside the rig, most of it will gather inside the drop down attachment.

Converts your 45-degree bong into an awesome dab rig

Now, if you have a bong and don’t have enough cash to buy a dab rig, having a drop down can help you “correct” that joint angle for dabbing.

[There are drop downs that come with reclaim catchers.]

How do you use a drop down attachment?

  1. Attach the glass drop down attachment by inserting or connecting the higher joint to the rig.
  2. Double check that the drop down is secure and your rig is flat and stable on your work surface.
  3. Attach your nail or quartz banger to the lower end of the drop down.
  4. Heat your nail or banger the usual way, keeping the flame from touching the body of the banger as well as the joints. Don’t worry, you have more freedom to move with your torch because of the dropdown attachment.
  5. Once your banger starts to glow, turn off the torch. Let the banger cool down for 10-25 seconds for high temp dabs, or 30-45 seconds for low temp dabs.
  6. Pull from the mouthpiece and carefully place the concentrate on your banger or nail. Take in as much vapor as you can. Use the carb cap if needed to fully vaporize your concentrate.
  7. Keep the vapor for 2-3 seconds before you exhale.
  8. Repeat and enjoy.

Is the drop down attachment a must?

If you’re a heavy dabber or if you always break the joint of your dab rig because of stuck-on joints, then having a glass drop down attachment is a must. Sure you can still dab without it, but it can help enhance your dabbing experience. Before you go and buy one, check your dab rig. Is it stable enough to carry the added weight? Do you need a smaller or longer drop down to utilize the full functionality of your rig? Once you’ve got the perfect match, using a drop down will become second nature and a great addition to your session.


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