What Is a Mini Dab Rig and How Do You Use It?

November 25, 2019 Dab Rigs

What Is a Mini Dab Rig and How Do You Use It?

There are so many ways for you to enjoy your dabs. You can use a nectar collector, a dab pen, and your dab rig. Dab rigs are best for those who prefer smooth, extra-moisturized vapor. However, you can’t bring a dab rig anywhere with you, can you? Technically, this is true; because of the size of a dab rig, you don’t have the luxury of carrying it around.

The good news is, there’s a mini dab rig that is smaller in size but carries the same functionality as a regular dab rig

pulsar mini dab rig

This mini dab rig is so small, it’s about the size of a hockey puck.

What is a mini dab rig?

A mini rig is like your dab rig that got shrunk in a smaller size. Think of what happens to Mario when he gets hit by a mob after eating a growth mushroom. Every part is smaller but carefully crafted to proportion to maintain its efficiency.

You have all the essential parts of a dab rig: the water chamber, downstem, joint, and mouthpiece. Some love them better than regular rigs because the small size holds less water. This way, all the goodness and flavor of the concentrate stays in each dab. You also get a stronger potency because the small size doesn’t have much room for air and water. No excess water that will unnecessarily filter out all the good stuff from your dabs.

Just like regular dab rigs, you have the option of several upgrades. You can have a dab rig that’s got a perc downstem for adequate filtration and dispersion of vapor. If you’re a fan of high temp dabs, but can’t take the heat, there’s a mini recycler like the MJ Arsenal Infinity Fabegg Perc Cyclone Mini Dab Rig. It will keep your vapor fresh by keeping it underwater, cooling it down at the same time.

Using a mini dab rig is simple and fun with its cute size.

How to use a mini dab rig

Using a mini rig has some minor differences compared to big ones. Here’s how you use it to get the best dabbing experience with your mini rig.

  1. Prepare all your necessary materials like your concentrate, nail/banger, torch or e-Nail. Double-check the connection of the joints before you start heating your
  2. For those using an e-Nail, attach the coil first to the nail or banger before turning it on and setting the temperature. This will make your coil and nail heat simultaneously, preventing thermal shock.
  3. If you’re using a torch, hold the mini rig with your non-dominant hand and your torch in your dominant hand.
  4. Heat your quartz banger by sweeping the flame under the banger and at the sides. Use the same sweeping technique when you’re using titanium or ceramic nail. Keep the torch flame away from the neck and joint of the banger/nail to prevent the joints from cracking.
  5. E-nails will stop heating when you reach the set temperature. For flame-heated nails/bangers, continue until the material starts to glow red.
  6. Give the nail 30-45 seconds to cool down depending on your preferred dabbing temperature.
  7. Hold the mini dab rig with your hand and draw from the mouthpiece. Place the dab in the banger/nail (use the carb cap if necessary) and inhale.
  8. Because of the size, even if you’re using a mini recycler dab rig, you may want to go easy on your rips to prevent splashback.
  9. Keep the vapor in for a few seconds and exhale.

Why get a mini dab rig?

Plainly speaking, because it’s cute and fun to use! Okay, kidding aside, this will be a great dab rig to get if you’re into big hits in small packaging. Pair it with a mini nail or mini banger, and you’ll have a great one-hitter that you can use for instant dabs. The small size means less air. Less air means more flavor.

When it comes to dabbing, simple is better. With its small design, dabbing with a mini dab rig gets more convenient and straight forward. With the added percs like with the UV Green Pulsar Mini Dab Rig with a Showerhead Perc, your hits are going to be smooth and unbelievably potent.

You won’t believe the functionality that you’ll get from a mini rig. Click here now and browse through our collection of dab rigs. You’ll be able to find the best mini dab rig that is most suitable for your dabs.


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