What is a Sherlock Pipe?

December 22, 2019 Handheld Pipes

What is a Sherlock Pipe?

There’s a pipe that’s made famous by a detective series that depicts the life of an iconic investigator named Sherlock Holmes. When watching the series as a kid, many are dreaming about smoking one because it makes you look cool, manly, and sophisticated. What’s more, Sherlock Holmes can’t seem to let a day by without his trusty pipe.

The Sherlock Pipe

A Sherlock pipe has a large bowl, deep and big enough to give you 3-6 hits on a single load. At the side of the bowl Is a carb hole that lets you regulate your hits. When you press on the carb hole, you restrict the flow of smoke within the pipe. The moment you release it, smoke is going to shoot from the bowl up to the stem and mouthpiece.

Glass Sherlock pipes come in different designs that will stimulate your imagination.

What makes the Sherlock pipe distinct is the shape of the stem. It typically extends from beneath the bowl before curving upwards, forming a “U” path that ends with the mouthpiece. Although the stem can be long, it’s not as long as a churchwarden pipe that can stretch up to 13” in length. Some have straight stems, but a Sherlock typically has a curved shaped stem that extends out to your lips. This makes smoking easier and convenient.

Smoking a Sherlock is different from using a spoon. Although both have a single carb hole, a Sherlock pipe has a bigger one. This means you can get your rips deeper, stronger, and longer. Keep a tight cover on the carb hole if you want to savor your herbs. If you want rapid hits, let that carb hole go and feel the smoke zoom from the pipe into your lungs.

It’s more than just style

When you smoke a Sherlock pipe, you’ll notice that it’s one of the most comfortable hand pipes you’ll ever use. The concave shape of the pipe makes it easy to cup in your hand while smoking. You don’t need to tightly hold the pipe when you drag deep and strong.  The classic shape has its purpose aside from making you look posh and worldly beyond your years.

Different Sherlock styles

A Sherlock holmes pipe can come in various forms and materials.

Sherlock Holmes glass pipe

Wooden smoking pipes are more traditional but an acquired taste.

This is the most popular for herbs because it gives you the purest flavor possible. You can get it in different shapes and designs such as this GRAV lab Sherlock pipe. It’s got a tankard design that has an angled base to keep it steady on the table. Although it doesn’t have a long stem, there’s a deep air chamber beneath the push bowl that can help gather the smoke and cool down your hits.

Wooden Sherlock pipe

This is the type of pipe made popular by Sherlock Holmes. Unlike glass pipes, wood pipes give that warm vibe and deep flavor. It’s an acquired taste according to some. However, once you got used to the rich, earthy taste of wood, you’ll always look for it whenever you take your herbs. Also, unlike glass Sherlocks, wooden ones don’t break easily and are durable.

Silicone Sherlock pipe

If you want something more durable than wood, this is a great option. Silicone Sherlock pipes come in bright, striking colors and shapes. Although they don’t have the brilliance and transparency of glass, they offer the same functionality and flavor. These pipes come with detachable glass bowls and an occasional glass tube that goes between the shank and bit to hold the filter.

Whether you get a glass, wood, or silicone Sherlock, the smoking experience will be something that you’ll look forward to. The hits are smooth, packed with flavor, and easy to control. With its deep bowl, large carb cap, and curving stem, your hits will be full of character and a lot cooler compared to a spoon pipe. Designed for comfortable use, you won’t even notice it much as you hold it in your hand.

If you want to have a long, leisurely session, the Sherlock pipe is the best one for you. Want to have one for yourself to celebrate a win or as a well-deserved gift? Click here now and get a Sherlock pipe that is best suited to your smoking style.


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