What is A Silicone Bong & How to Use It?

August 20, 2019 Bong Posts

Cramped spaces, rowdy parties, lack of good dexterity or clumsiness are all recipes for disaster for a glass bong. We all love glass bongs because they are beautiful, functional, and most of all, they produce excellent smoke flavor. However, there are times when you need a durable bong, and a silicone bong is your perfect option.

What is a silicone bong?

Silicone is a man-made polymer of silicon and oxygen. The result is pliable material that can withstand any pressure or force without losing its shape. A silicone bong is a bong molded out of food or medical-grade silicone. The result is a bong that is highly indestructible and can withstand even the roughest and toughest smokers out there. You can take them with you during trips and camping, and you don’t have to worry too much about breaking the bong.

What makes it different from an acrylic bong?

An acrylic bong is also another one in line for durable bongs. It’s a step or two stronger than a glass bong and can also give you serious rips.

However, durable as it is, an acrylic bong can still break under pressure. A silicone bong is better because of its flexibility and pliability. You can twist, bend, and compress the silicone bong, and you will still have the same shape as the day you bought it.

A silicone bong, especially those that are platinum treated, is also chemically inert. This means that it won’t react to heat and leech out harmful chemicals whenever you use it. Ever experience that smoke from an acrylic bong is a bit harsh? That’s because acrylic retains heat, while silicone is a great insulator.

Does it taste like plastic? Believe it or not, an authentic, high-quality silicone bong like the Pulsar RIP Silicone Bong won’t affect the taste of your smoke. Glass bong lovers eventually become fans of silicone bongs because they work and taste as good as glass bongs.

How do you use a silicone bong?

Using a silicone bong is easy. The only difference is that you can’t see the water level. To use your silicone bong:

  1. Depending on the brand of your silicone bong, check to see if all the pieces are complete. Some brands like this Rasta Silicone Bong has a single body with a removable an excellent. Others like the PieceMaker Food-Grade Diffused Downstem Perc Cup Bong comes in several parts.
  2. Pour water through the mouthpiece and fill the base until barely past half-way full or two-thirds. What’s important is that the end of the downstem should be 2 inches underwater.
  3. Take a pull test to check the chug. If it’s gurgling too much or you got splashed, remove some water a bit a time. If the bubbling is quiet and you’re getting a too light a drag, add more water.
  4. Place the bong on a stable surface and insert the downstem.
  5. Pack your bowl with your favorite herb. Give the herb a firm love tap to keep it snug, but not too tight that blocks the airway.
  6. Attach the bowl to the downstem. Pull through the mouthpiece and light up your herb using a lighter or a wick.
  7. Keep a steady pull until you got the right amount of milk in the bong.
  8. Lift up the bowl and drag the smoke in your lungs, then exhale.

The PieceMaker Food-Grade Diffused Downstem Silicone Perc Bong comes with a silicone glass stem and a metal bowl for 100% durability

Should I get a silicone bong?

If you’re always breaking your bongs to the point that you’re already spending hundreds of dollars on replacement bongs, the answer is a solid, resounding yes. The silicone bong is durable, robust, inexpensive, and can last you for a long time. It may be difficult to tell if it’s clean or not, but cleaning is easier compared to a glass bong. You can use a brush to take out stubborn dirt, and you don’t have to worry about breaking any parts. Some even throw it in a dishwasher, but it’s a risk because all the stuff in there is going to smell a lot like resin. Some also reported having to clean out the gunk that got stuck within the walls of the dishwasher.

Carry it, drop it, throw it, your silicone bong (save for other breakable parts like the glass stem and bowl) will still be complete and intact. If you want a completely indestructible bong, we highly recommend getting one that has a silicone downstem and metal bowl. If you don’t like the taste of metal, it’s okay because you can take out the metal bowl and use your favorite glass bowl instead.

What silicone bong should I get?

Silicone bongs come in a variety of bright colors, styles, and shapes. Some come in a single piece, in several parts, or in hybrid combinations glass or acrylic. Here are some Big Daddy Smoke silicone bong recommendations that you might want to check out.

Ooze Sax High Grade Silicone Bong With Quartz bowl 5.5 inchOoze Sax High-Grade Silicone Bong with Quartz Bowl 5.5”


Small in size, this saxophone-shaped silicone bong comes in three removable parts for easy cleaning and storage. The flared mouthpiece ensures comfortable use, and the bowl-shaped body is easy to grip.


Assorted Colors Food-Grade Silicone Mini Bong With Glass Funnel Bowl 3.5 inchMini Silicone Bong 3.5”


If you prefer to have something that can be your travel companion on the go, this mini silicone bong is perfect for you. Small it may be in size, it has enough capacity to give you and your friends a good time.


Assorted Colors Extendable Food Grade Silicone Bong 9-16 inchExtendable Silicone Bong 9”-16”


If you’re a fan of big bongs dislike their bulky size, you’re going to love this extendable silicone bong. It’s 9” in height, but can extend up to 16 inches. The neck comes in a foldable accordion-style so you don’t have to worry about using it in cramped spaces. No more awkward positions when hitting a 16” bong.


eyce silicone 14mm female diffused beaker bong kit with ice catcherEYCE Silicone Beaker Bong with Diffused Downstem and Ice Catcher 12”


Of course we cannot talk about silicone bongs without mentioning EYCE, one the best silicone smoking pipe companies around. This silicone bong has an added ice catcher for cool hits. It has other added cool features such as a magnetic ring to keep your lighter within reach, as well as a hidden jar to hold your stash. With a removable base, cleaning becomes easy and effortless, something that you won’t get from a glass bong.

Sea Horse Food-Grade Silicone Bong With Glass Herb Slide 6 inchSea Horse Silicone Bong with Glass Slide 6”


Silicone bongs come in various shapes and sizes, including this Sea Horse Silicone Bong. The bright colors and attractive design makes it a fun, conversational piece that you and your friends will enjoy. If you want to catch attention, this is the bong for you.

Big Daddy has you covered when it comes to cheap silicone bongs. We have various shapes and designs that will suit your taste, smoking preference, and personality. If you have any questions about our silicone bongs, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or ask in our comment section below!


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