What Is A Silicone Bubbler, and How Do You Use It?

December 16, 2019 Bubbler Pipes

What Is A Silicone Bubbler, and How Do You Use It?

When you love water pipes but can’t be bothered with the size of a glass bong, a bubbler is the perfect one for you. It’s not as big, and they come in handy or instant smoking sessions. What’s even better is a silicone bubbler that gives you the same functionality as a glass bubbler with better durability.

What is a silicone bubbler?

Usually, you see a glass bubbler like the Snoop Dogg Pounds Hammer Bubbler. A Silicone bubbler has the same principle and design as a glass bubbler, only they’re made with durable silicone. The only glass piece you’ll have will be the bowl since this is where you’ll be burning your herbs. The bubbler’s silicone material is platinum cured, allowing it to take in the heat without warping and melting. Some bubblers can even take dabs like the Ooze Trip Bubbler. Due to the advancement in silicone processing, your bubbler can last almost as long as a glass bubbler with proper care and maintenance.

A silicone bubbler comes with the same essential parts as with a bong: mouthpiece, chamber, downstem and bowl. Some have carb holes located just underneath the bowl to help you cool down smoke and control the size of your hits. It can come in different shapes and designs such as:

octopus 19mm female silicone bubbler pipe 8.5 inch

Silicone bubblers come in interesting shapes and designs.

Sherlock bubbler

These bubblers come in the traditional Sherlock style pipe that has a deep curving smoke path. The mouthpiece extends upwards and curves out to make it easier for you to light and smoke it.

Hammer bubbler

It’s a silicon bubbler shaped like a hammer. It’s got an angled bottom to keep it upright when you put it down on a table, bar counter, or any smooth surface. We love this silicone hammer bubbler by EYCE because of its amazing features. You have a large snap-in glass bowl that makes it easy for you to add water and clean your bubbler. There’s a hidden jar underneath for storing your herbs when you’re on the go. You also get a steel poker to help you stir your herbs or unclog your bowl.

Blunt bubbler

If you just scored a perfectly wrapped blunt or joint, don’t tear it out just to smoke it. The blunt silicone bubbler has a tube that serves as your blunt’s inlet. Once you’ve light up your joint or blunt, insert the unlit end inside the funnel tube. When you rip from the blunt bubbler’s mouthpiece, the smoke is going to go inside the bubbler and mix with the water for cooling.

Some silicone bubblers have added features like a hidden storage compartment.

How do you use a silicone bubbler?

Using a silicone bubbler is easy and has a minimal learning curve. To use your silicone bubbler, all you have to do is:

  1. Prepare your herbs by making a medium-coarse grind.
  2. If you got a bubbler that has a removable herb bowl, take it out and pour water through the joint. Fill it up to 1/3 or ¼ way full and make a pull test. If it gives a quiet gurgle, you need to add a bit more. If it’s too noisy, take out some of the water. Wipe the joint completely dry before replacing the herb bowl.
  3. Pack the bowl just to below the rim and tamp the herbs down firmly but lightly. Make sure to keep the herbs within the glass bowl. Take note of this especially for silicone bubblers that have recessed bowls like this Elephant Bubbler.
  4. Pull from the mouthpiece and use a lighter or wick to light the herbs. Use the carb hole to control your hits.
  5. Once you have a good amount of smoke, release the mouthpiece. Hold the smoke for 1-2 seconds, then exhale.

A silicone bubbler is a great smoking tool that has great durability. Drop it, squeeze it, or pack it with a bunch of heavy stuff and will still keep its shape and form. As for the taste? No worries about the plastic flavor. All the silicone bubblers you’ll get in Big Daddy Smoke are made from medical and food-grade silicone. You’ll only get the taste of your herbs and you won’t get a hint of smell or taste of plastic in your hits.

Do you want your own silicone bubbler? Click here now and get your own bubbler that gives the greatest flavors and great functionality like any glass bubbler.


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