What is a Core Reactor Quartz Banger?

February 15, 2020 Dab Rig Parts

What is a Core Reactor Quartz Banger?

Dabbing innovations aren’t limited to rigs. Glass companies know that you need an excellent banger as well to give you satisfying dabbing sessions with your dab rig. Previously we discussed how thermochromic quartz bangers work. Now we’ll be talking about another type of quartz banger, which is the core reactor quartz banger.

What is a core reactor quartz banger?

When most quartz bangers have a deep, hollow bucket for your dabs, this type of banger is different. At the center of the banger is a cylindrical chunk of quartz. It’s almost a

Use it with a directional airflow carb cap, and you have a beast in your hands.

s high as a third of the bucket, creating a canal or moat inside.

Some core reactor quartz bangers have cores made from solid quartz. Just imagine what kind of function you’ll get from a thick piece of quartz. Other companies pushed the innovation a bit further. Instead of a solid piece of quartz, they created a hollow, vacuum-sealed dome and added a thermochromic block. It’s a wonderful addition for those who are new in dabbing or those who have a hard time hitting the right temp.

What is the core reactor quartz banger used for?

There are many ways that you can play with your core reactor quartz banger.

For faster heating

The banger is created to help you achieve your target dabbing temperature faster. Bangers can take a long time heating up because of the wide surface area of the bucket. With a core reactor, heat gets concentrated at the center easily. You don’t have to spend too much time in heating your banger like before. This will help you save on butane fuel, and you have more time enjoying your concentrates.

Low dabbing temp

Low-temp dabbers are going to love the core reactor quartz banger. One of the many frustrations of low-temp dabbers is that the banger cools down faster compared to high-temp dabbing. There are times when there are left-over concentrates because the banger doesn’t have the right heat for complete vaporization.

Heat retention with a core reactor is impressive, and it’s best observed with a thermochromic core block. Even when the core turns to its original yellow color, you’ll s

A thermochromic core adds visual feedback when you heat your banger.

till be able to achieve vaporization. No more wasted concentrates and chasing after dabs.

Big dabs

Big, snake dabs can be hard to vaporize because of the volume of concentrate inside the banger. With the core reactor, you have a wider surface area with consistent heat. As the concentrate melts, it’s going to envelop the core, allowing it to vaporize further.

These bangers come with buckets that are a bit bigger than average to accommodate the bucket. This is a huge plus for big dabs as the high walls will catch splashes of concentrate. Since you’ll have efficient functionality, be warned as this banger will drive your big dabs to a different level.

It’s a beautiful addition to any dab rig

Whether you’re using a scientific rig or a recycler, the core reactor quartz banger a great accessory. It will turn your dab rig into a monster, vaporizing your dabs like no other. Throw in a thermochromic block, and you’ll become a dabbing expert in no time.

Low temp dabs become easy. No more worrying about reheating or wasting concentrates. According to low-temp dabbers, the flavor gets better when you use the core reactor quartz banger. Use it with a directional airflow carb cap, and you have one of the most efficient quartz banger systems. Low temp dabs are never going to be the same again.

Are you clumsy in adding in your concentrate, leading to wasted dabs most of the time? All the more that you need a core reactor. You don’t have to worry about not getting your dabs in the right position for full vaporization. Once you dunk it in, it’s all good to go.

As for cleaning, the banger is a bit of a challenge compared to coreless bangers. There added corner in the center created by the connection of the banger gives room for the left-over concentrate to hide. You’re going to need a sharp-tipped Q-tip to access the sharp corners.

Save on butane fuel, enjoy your concentrates to the fullest, and unleash the full potential of your rig. These bangers will make your session seem effortless, allowing you more freedom and flexibility with your play of temperature.


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