What is Dab Reclaim?

February 11, 2020 Dab Rig Parts

What is Dab Reclaim?

Are you a heavy dabber? Do you always see that dark golden brown, almost blackish material that’s clinging to your rig? It started as a small smear inside your rig that grows bigger and bigger the more you use it. That, my dear friend, is called a dab reclaim.

What is a dab reclaim?

Dab reclaim is a left-over residue of your concentrate. These are either vaporized concentrate that condenses back to its oily state when the vapor collects and cools down. Or, it can be melted concentrate that didn’t get vaporized but got inside your dab rig.

Is reclaim similar to resin?

goblin diffused downstem bent neck dab rig with thick quartz banger and reclaim catcher 9.5 inch

Use a dab rig with a reclaim catcher to make harvesting easier.

Some call reclaim as resin, which often creates confusion on whether or not to harvest and re-use it.

The two are entirely different.

Resin is the combustion byproduct of burned herbs. It often contains tar and other toxic compounds that make it dangerous for re-use. As a result, resin has that nasty smell because of the combusted herb or flower. You can smell it when you take a whiff out of your bong or hand pipe. Now dab reclaim is different. Because dabs are basically concentrated essence of herbs, you’ll still get a hint of the original herb fragrance.

Some performed their own individual research and testing on reclaim. Basing on the analysis, reclaim has around 23%-60% compound profile that gives it some potential for re-use. Based on anecdotal reports, dab reclaim has activated compounds that make it easier for the body to absorb.

Is reclaim safe to dab?

There are different contentions about whether reclaim dabs are safe or not. Dabbing in high temperatures convert certain compounds in your concentrate into harmful chemicals. Benzene is one of the compounds found in reclaim, which is a known carcinogen. Another is methacrolein, a potent respiratory irritant.

So what does this mean about dabbing reclaim? Although some are doing it, it’s better done with a healthy dose of caution. There’s no concrete evidence that will prove that dabbing reclaim is safe or harmful. However, if what you’re after are the activated compounds that you don’t want to go to waste, you’re better off consuming reclaim in edible forms.

You can use reclaim in edible forms such as chocolates to mask the taste.

How to reclaim dabs safely

Getting a dab reclaim catcher is the easiest way to get reclaim from your rig. Some dab rigs have a built-in reclaim catcher like this Diffused Goblin Perc Dab Rig. There’s a reclaim catcher situated right beneath the female joint. Because you’re using a male quartz banger, you’ll be able to catch a good amount of reclaim. Another way is to use a dab reclaimer attachment. It’s like an ash catcher but specifically designed to help you gather and use reclaim.

One of the popular methods of harvesting reclaim us by using alcohol, particularly grain alcohol. Everclear is a famous brand that many dabbers use to harvest from their reclaim dab rig or dab rig reclaim catcher. Once you have enough reclaim, you pour in enough alcohol to cover and melt the reclaim for easier harvesting. Many are not so keen on this method because of the presence of alcohol. However, some find success as long as the alcohol evaporates thoroughly and completely.

Another less popular method on how to get dab reclaim is by introducing heat. Some torch their rig to help soften and melt the reclaim, especially around the joints. Others place their rig on a baking sheet upside down and pop it in a low-temperature oven. These are both risky methods because of thermal shock. Even if you have a excellent dab rig like this Pulsar Cone Swirl Perc Dab Rig, you’re at risk of cracking or breaking your glass piece.

What do you mean by edibles?

Edibles are ingestible items that contain reclaim. Some add reclaim to high-fat food items like brownies and cookies. You have to admit that mixing dab reclaim in food is better-tasting than taking it straight up. Others mix reclaim with “carriers” such as olive oil or coconut oil then place them in capsules. It’s a better way to get the effects without tasting the reclaim. If you have a sensitive palate, this is the best option to get the dabbing effects that you want. Depending on the potency and preparation, some say the effect can last for hours.

Dab reclaim has many uses, but do require some skill and know-how for harvesting and use. Make sure that you fully understand the concept of harvesting and using reclaim for different purposes before you use it.


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