What Is A Fab Egg Dab Rig And How Does It Work?

January 07, 2020 Dab Rigs

What Is A Fab Egg Dab Rig And How Does It Work?

Back in 1885-1917, Peter Carl Fabergé designed 52 Imperial jeweled eggs in Imperial Russia. It was a symbol of royalty, luxury, extravagance, and exclusivity. Now, as it’s known as one of the most exceptional pieces for dab rigs, with designs going for as high as $5,000.

The History of the Fab Egg Rig

Before the Fab Egg was the Swiss-style perc, a diffuser inspired by the famous Swiss Cheese. Designed by Nate Dizzle, these percs gradually became famous. Scott Deppe took it a step further and had his company Mothership Glass produce the first Fab Egg rig in 2012. Remaining true to its original icon, the rig sold for $1,000. Eventually, it became so expensive that it’s the ultimate status symbol for collectors who have more than enough money to spare. Imagine spending as much as $14,000 for a dab rig!

The Fab Egg Dab Rig features a spherical chamber with Swiss-like holes.

What is the Fab Egg Dab Rig?

Fab Egg rigs are exquisite pieces of functionality and aesthetics. The circular globe chamber has swiss-style holes that spread vapor while keeping air and water exposure at the barest minimum. Let’s have this Pulsar Glass Fab Egg Rig with Propeller Perc as an example. Do you see the difference in proportion between the size of the water chamber? That’s another secret of the rig. It’s got the smallest water chamber possible to keep all of the flavors of your concentrate.

This type of functionality is the reason why fab egg rigs are so in demand. The intricate aesthetics has deeper purpose than eye candy. It’s one of the dab rig styles that provide a superb experience. The flavor you get is strong and pure, which makes buying such rig a worthy investment.

How does the Fab Egg Dab Rig work?

When vapor goes down the stem, it flows out through a percolator. Depending on the style, the downstem can be a propeller, but the most popular is the showerhead perc. After it disperses through the water, it further spreads out within the fab egg chamber.

The fab egg chamber is an enclosed system of walls and holes that keep the vapor from air exposure. It’s got an upper and lower chamber connected by two vents. After spreading in the lower chamber, vapor will rise and thicken in the upper chamber. From there, it’s a visual display of dancing bubbles and vapor that will leave you mesmerized.

MJ Arsenal Boro Glass Fabegg Mini Dab Rig with 10mm Quartz Banger 5 inch

Fab Egg Rigs hold the smallest amount of water possible for the best filtration and flavor.

Why should you get one?

The fab egg rig has many benefits that enhance your smoking experience.

  • Superb filtration – With different levels of dispersion, the fab egg provides one of the best filtrations you’ll get from a rig.
  • Amazing flavor – when most dab rig this size will give you stale vapor, the fab egg keeps all the essence of your concentrate intact.
  • Beautiful craftsmanship – the fab egg boasts of design like no other. It stays true to its origins, making it a luxurious glass piece that you’ll be proud to own.

If you don’t want a rig of this size, don’t worry. MJ Arsenal created a miniature of the renowned fab egg dab rig. The MJ Arsenal Royale stands 5”, slightly taller than a regular pen and can fit in the palm of your hand. It’s scaled down to perfection that it’s functionally flawless and efficient. Just like a regular-sized fab egg rig, this little guy can give you the best rips that a mini rig can provide. What’s more, it’s designed to keep water inside the rig. You have minimal splashback, and no worries about spills should you accidentally knock it over the table.

Want to have your own fab egg rig? Don’t hesitate to get one now! We have some of the best of this highly luxurious rigs that will be a fine addition to your collection. Do you have a question about them? Feel free to leave us a comment. For those who got them, please don’t hesitate to share your story in our comment section.

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