What is a One-Hitter and How Does it Work?

December 29, 2019 Handheld Pipes

What is a One-Hitter and How Does it Work?

When you buy hand pipes online, you’ll often come across little slender tubes that are thicker and shorter than dab straws. These are one-hitters and they are one of the most popular pipes for those who love smoking dry herbs. Let’s talk about these pipes and learn more about their functionality.

What is a one-hitter pipe?

Those who are new to smoking may not have heard about one-hitters yet. A one-hitter is also called a “bat” or a “chillum.” It got its name because they function essential for just one hit. It’s got three parts: the bowl, smoke chamber, and the mouthpiece.

This Ryot metal bat has a digger tip for easier and faster loading.

The entire tube is the chamber, which is usually about 2.5”-4” in length. Some chambers have carb caps to help cool down smoke, but most of the one-hitters you’ll get don’t have one. This means that the smoke that you’ll get will be intense, hot, and harsh. It’s definitely not for a beginner, but a good challenge for seasoned smokers.

The mouthpiece and bowl are located at opposite ends of the tube pipe. The mouthpiece is where you inhale the smoke, and is either a straight end or bulbar in shape like in the case of this Black & White Fritted Boro Glass Chillum. The bowl is the part where you want to pack your herbs in, and it can hold about 0.25g of herbs. In some cases they are straight; others have it flared, while there are some that have teeth in them for grabbing your herbs.

What are the different types of one-hitters?

The most common that you’ll see will be ones made of glass and metal. A glass one-hitter is usually made of boro glass, making it durable and heat resistant. It’s popular because you get to taste the full flavor of your herbs because it’s non-reactive. If you taste anything off, it means you’re herb is no longer fresh, or there’s a problem with the strain.

Metal running in really close 2nd, a contender in the smoking popularity. One of the reasons why a smoker gets a one-hitter is because of its portability. You won’t see any other pipe as thin and as short as. With a metal one-hitter, you have both portability and durability. You can sit on it, jam it in your overpacked, overflowing camping gear and it’s still good to use as the first day you bought it. You can get one made out of aluminum as well as one made of brass for better durability.

These smoking pipes also come in ceramic, quartz, and even wood. If you look hard enough, you’ll also find ones made out of stone for a more traditional experience.

You can also get a Helix one-hitter for a stronger yet cooler smoke.

Benefits of a one-hitter pipe

Small as they are, they have many benefits that make them a great addition to a smoker’s collection.

  • Portability – you won’t get any other pipe as portable as a one-hitter
  • Discreet – they are so small, they hardly draw attention. Since you only have one hit, instant gratification is quick without telling everyone that you’ve been smoking.
  • Extends your stash – a single load can pack quite a punch.

How to use a one-hitter

Using a one-hitter is easy.

  1. Grind your herbs and place them on the rolling tray or inside your dugout box.
  2. Hold the bat vertically, with the bowl facing down. Press and rotate it on the herbs on your tray to capture them. You need to either rotate or sweep back and forth inside the dugout to load up.
  3. Don’t press too hard. You want a firm pack that still gives good air circulation.
  4. Place the mouthpiece in your lips and light up the pipe the same way you do a cigarette.
  5. Tap out the ashes when you’re done and wipe the chillum with a paper towel.

One-hitters are great pipes to use, but be warned: it’s not for the faint of heart. It takes some getting used to, and even expert smokers need some time to adjust. However, once you got the technique pinned down, you’ll be looking for the experience again and again.

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