Why Do You Need A Glass Blunt

June 04, 2019 Glass Blunts

Why Do You Need A Glass Blunt

A glass blunt makes enjoying your herbs cool and easy. It has made using your herbs economical and eco-friendly. If you are not yet sure about it, here are several reasons why you need a glass blunt.

Prepping is easy

Smokers appreciate how well you roll a blunt because a single mistake can alter the experience.However, it takes a bit of dexterity and expertise to roll the perfect blunt. You have to make sure that the packing is right, that you roll the wrapper correctly, and you bond the edges.

Glass blunts take away that rolling and pressing. All you have to do with a glass blunt is to load it and press the slider/screw the twisty inside and you’re ready to have some fun! You don’t have to worry about the blunt disintegrating from your hands due to poor rolling technique. If you made a mistake in packing, just unload the blunt and pack it again. Something you cannot do with a traditional blunt.

Pulsar Borosilicate Glass Blunt 4″

The Pulsar 4” glass blunt is all you need to enjoy the best herbs.

You save on materials

Traditional blunts need paper or tobacco wrapping to hold your herbs. So what happens if you run out of wrap and paper? Also, how much did you spend on these blunt armaments? Buying a glass blunt means your money goes to your herbs. Any cash you use for your wrap can be used instead for spending extra on flavorful, expertly cured herbs.

There’s no waste

A blunt usually starts out from a cigar that you empty out the loose tobacco inside. Most do this because cigar wraps have good density, burn rate. However, what will you do with that loose material? Also, who experienced throwing away good paper and expensive tobacco sheet because it got torn and ruined due to poor rolling techniques? Worst-case scenario with packing a glass blunt, you just take out the load and reload it. No worries on ruining the glass cylinder due to poor packing.

Unlike wrappers, glass blunts are highly reusable. Regular maintenance helps keep your glass blunt functioning and providing the best smoking performance. What’s more, you can use blunts for one-hitters. You can pack a small amount on the tip, or full-load it. Light it once, hit a few puffs, take out the ash and cherry and cap it. You can enjoy the same load all throughout the day without ruining the taste.

No more singed skin

Who experienced burning their fingers and lips because of a rolled blunt? It’s not a pleasant sensation, isn’t it? Heaven forbid that you suffer second-degree burns because of a blunt’s cherry. With a glass blunt, there’s no need to worry about that. The mouthpiece and chamber do not retain heat and does not burn like paper. The smoke stays inside the chamber while the cherry is at the tip of the glass blunt where it belongs.


Paper and tobacco sheet contains harmful chemicals that can cause irritation in your throat and lungs. Glass blunts are made of glass and high-grade titanium. These inert materials stay in their form and do not react to heat and smoke. All you get is the medicinal and recreational benefits of your herbs.

Your smoking buddy for years

Think of glass blunts as a smoking investment for your herbs. One purchase can last you years of blunt use. Manufacturers use high-grade borosilicate glass to ensure that your product lasts long and don’t break easily.

7pipe Mini Twisty Glass Blunt 2.75″

The 7pipe 2.75” Twisty Mini Glass Blunt fits in your pocket perfectly. You can take it with you anywhere and enjoy discreet smoke with friends.

It’s portable and discreet

Blunts are fun to smoke but messy to carry around. There’s this risk of the blunt getting squished and ruined during transport. Glass blunts are small and has a strong material that makes it highly portable. You can prep it before leaving your house, and pack it in your bag or pocket. The 7pipe Twisty has a combo kit that comes with a travel case that helps give the blunt a bit of protection during travel.

No prepping

You have to “bake” a blunt to dry the cover and seal it together. This ensures even burning since the wrapper is dry enough for continuous combustion.

Glass blunts, on the other hand, requires no ceremony. Once you pack it, it’s ready to use. You only need to light it at the tip and drag from the mouthpiece to get it going. As long as you push the slider or twist the screw forward, your cherry will continue glowing until you finish all your herbs.

Once you get the glass blunt, you can use it the moment you take it out of the box. It’s simple to use, easy to maintain and can last long. Our glass blunts are made of high-grade material and can give you hours of fun smoking times. You can even insert the mouthpiece of your 7pipe Twisty glass blunt in a bong’s joint to get some water filtration. Not that you can only do this in female-jointed bongs, though. If you have any questions about our glass blunts, or how to use them, please don’t hesitate to ask in our comment section!


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