Reasons Why You Need the Bong Buddy in Your Life

August 20, 2018 Bong Posts

Reasons Why You Need the Bong Buddy in Your Life


A bong buddy is the extensible lighter chain for your favorite bong that keeps your lighter from getting lost or stolen. It securely holds your lighter in place through a silicone bong strap that connects them.

This lighter holder is cheap and convenient, making it the perfect way to have a lighter with you when the situation requires it.

It’s highly unlikely you don’t know what a bong is, but for those who don’t fully understand its concept, let’s explain more about it. So, a bong is a cylindrical tube primarily used for smoking. It filtrates the smoke to cool it down when it reaches the smoker’s throat and lungs.

There are different types of bongs; examples are the basic beaker bongs, the honeycomb beaker bongs, and the straight tube fritted perc bong.

Bong Buddy – The Best Bong Lighter Holder offers sufficient bong buddies. Their product has a retractable bong leash, making it convenient to use. No more hassles of juggling your lighter and glass when smoking from your water pipe! With a bong buddy, your smoking experience has never been better!

Picture of bong lighter holder, Bong Buddy

The Bong Buddy and Res Cap Bundle provides the best bong buddies at reasonable prices. The Bong Buddy and Res Cap Bundle are on sale now. If you are looking for an efficient bong buddy when on a tight budget, this product is for you.

What is a Res Cap?

A Res Cap has several functions that will make your bong experience hassle-free.

First, it is a tool that helps keep your bong spotless. It is designed to make it easier for you when cleaning your bongs.

  1. Pour some Res Gel into your bong.
  2. Slip on the Res Cap.
  3. Give it a shake.
  4. Rinse.

Second, it is designed for carrying. If you’re going to travel and you want to bring your bong with you, the Res Cap will prevent spillage.

Third, it prevents foul odor. Since it will seal your glass, any unwanted scent will be hindered from leaking.

Now, you can carry your bong with you anywhere and anytime without worrying about making a mess!

You can purchase the original Res Caps by Resolution alone at $13.00.

Owning a bong requires you to be responsible enough to clean it regularly. You don’t need to worry though; there are a variety of bong cleaning tools you can choose from.

The Bong Cleaning Kit Deluxe by Weed Wipes

The Bong Cleaning Kit Deluxe is probably the leading bong cleaning system offered on the market. Weed Wipes, the manufacturers, were able to come up with the perfect solution by putting together a variety of cleaning brushes and the Canna Mags. With this cleaning kit, there’s no more trouble in scrubbing the inside of your bong!

You can already get the Cleaning Kit Deluxe at $34.99.

The Bong Cleaning Kit Deluxe includes the following:

  1. Vape brush
  2. Pipe brush
  3. The double-ended brush
  4. Canna Mags tool for scrubbing resin
  5. 2 0z container exclusively from Weed Wipes

The Canna Mags Resin Scrubbing Tool

If you prefer not to buy the whole kit, you can purchase the tools individually. The resin scrubbing tool is your best choice for cleaning the inside the hard-to-reach parts of your bong. It comes with different earth magnets that will efficiently brush the resin in your bong.

It’s available at at $19.99 only.

The Weed Wipes Bong Cleaning Solution

The Bong Cleaning Solution from Weed Wipes is also considered the best solution in keeping your bongs gleaming. It’s very affordable at $7.99 per bottle and can be used as much as 60 times! The best part of it is you can use it in almost any surface – plastic, acrylic, porcelain, glass, and metal. It’s also 100% organic and completely odorless.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your bong leash and bong cleaning tools at Bong Buddy!

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