Worked Swirl Glass Accent 14mm Male Diffused Downstem Dab Rig with Quartz Banger 7″



  • 7” tall
  • Bent neck for comfortable dabbing
  • Worked glass diffuser downstem
  • Fun, storage jug shape
  • Bulbous mouthpiece for comfort
  • Assorted swirl colors (note: color may vary)
  • 45° angled joint to keep the heat away from your face
  • 14mm male joint
  • 14mm quartz banger
  • Comes in assorted colors (may vary)

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This jug-shaped dab rig gives smooth easy rips. The bulbous base provides the right water capacity to cool down your rips without compromising flavor. It’s got a handle that makes carrying it around easy. No more hot facials whenever you dab, thanks to the 45-degree joint.

It’s a novel piece to have that will make your dabbing session fun.


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